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Isohitech Lubrication Ltd manufactuer all kinds of different lubricators,such as hand lubricator or auto lubricator,and covering all of the field.You only to send us your project need,i will give you immediately quote to longer your Machinery life.

Why Lubrication Is Important?

When each part of a machine works in harmony with another. To perform efficient work under continuous loads or on vibrating machines, it is essential to keep all touching surfaces lubricated. Only by lubricating bearings found in housings, friction bearings, or gear systems is it possible to increase their efficiency.


Isohitech lubricator has 20 years experience in the Chinese field and could provide the one-stop service.We could provide the oil and grease lubricator and metering unit and progressive distributors and couplings and etc.

Why Don't Recommend The Manual Lubricator?

Lubricating machinery manually can be a time-consuming process that is prone to operator forgot or overlooked, resulting in insufficient parts lubrication. This lack of proper lubrication can lead to increased expenses for repairs and downtime caused by premature wear and tear.

During the manual lubrication process, the machine typically needs to be stationary, which means there can be uneven stress on the pin and bushing when greasing. Additionally, excess grease tends to be expelled from the joint, primarily targeting the side with no load, which can be wasteful and inefficient.

Furthermore, using manual greasing methods poses the risk of contamination every time a grease gun is connected to a nipple. This introduces the chance of dirt, debris, or contaminants entering the lubrication system, potentially causing damage to the machine.

Several factors can affect the effectiveness of manual lubrication, including the consistency, availability, and reliability of maintenance personnel. Additionally, prevailing climatic conditions and the planning of service logistics can impact the efficiency and reliability of manual lubrication.

The ongoing lubrication process often requires frequent interruptions and can become a laborious and tiresome operation, further adding to the challenges and potential inefficiencies of manual lubrication

Why Choice Automatic Central Lubrication System?

An automatic centralized lubrication system is utilized to efficiently distribute lubricant from a central reservoir to specific areas on a machine that are prone to friction-related issues. The system include the gear or the piston pumps,distributors,pipes and fittings.

The suitable layer of lubricant above the lubrication points establishes a protective firm,that is used to protect pins or bushings.

One of the primary benefits of this system is the extension of component lifespan, resulting in significant cost savings through increased longevity, heightened productivity, and reduced grease consumption.

Moreover, this system eliminates equipment downtime by delivering optimal performance, as lubrication occurs dynamically and autonomously without requiring the involvement of maintenance staff or operators. The risk of overlooking concealed or hard-to-reach lubrication points is effectively eliminated.

The implementation of an automatic centralized lubrication system leads to diminished maintenance and repair expenses, effectively mitigating undesirable wear and tear and quadrupling the service life of components compared to manual lubrication. Furthermore, the risk of contamination during the lubrication process is entirely eradicated, contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

In addition to these benefits, lubricant consumption is reduced by up to 50% when compared to manual lubrication methods. This substantial reduction in consumption not only saves costs but also improves workplace safety, as nearly 50% of workplace accidents involving construction machinery occur during maintenance or repair activities.

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About Isohitech Lubrication

IsoHitech lubrication started in 1999 and start to produce all kinds of hydraulic systems and their related products. Then we started to produce the lubrication pumps. In the beginning, we only produce the hand lubricator for the common lathe machinery and milling machinery.With the development of the machinery industrial development in China, we start to produce electrical lubricators, which could work with controller systems. That could longer movement parts life and save the maintenance labor.

In 2008, we started to produce the grease lubricator pump and produce the progressive blocks. Our pumps are widely used in earth-moving equipment and windy industries and could bear the harsh temperature with high protection level.

With engineering as our driving force, we will continue to provide “Engineered Solutions for Engineered Machines”.

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