How To Choose The CNC Lubrication Pump Guider-Full Set

How to Choose the Lubrication Pump'. The main image in the center is of various lubrication pumps


Are you in the market for a CNC lubrication pump? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs.
We’ll guide you how to selecting the perfect lubrication pump based on factors such as reservoir size, power requirement, and lubricant type and types of cnc machinery and also price requirement.
Whether you’re a seasoned CNC machinist or just getting started in the field, we will help to ensure that your machinery runs smoothly and efficiently.
So let’s dive in and discover how to choose the best CNC lubrication pump for your equipment!

Choose The Lubrication Pump Based On The Reservoir Different

Different machines have different needs when it comes to lubricant capacity, so it’s important to choose a pump that can handle your machine’s specific requirements.
l5 hand oil pump

0.5L Reservoir

1l pump

1L Reservoir

2L oil lubrication pump

2L Reservoir

3l oil lubrication pump

3L Reservoir

4kg oil lubrication pump

4L Reservoir

6L metal pump

6L Reservoir or Larger

If you have a smaller machine with less frequent lubrication needs, you may be able to get by with a simpler and less expensive pump model. It all depends on your individual circumstances and how much use your equipment gets on a daily basis.
Ultimately, choosing the right lubrication pump based on reservoir size involves careful consideration of factors such as flow rates, viscosity levels, and operating pressures. By taking these variables into account and selecting an appropriate pump from trusted manufacturers like Bijur Delimon or SKF, you can ensure optimal performance for your CNC machinery while minimizing maintenance costs over time.

Choose Based On The Voltage Requirement

When choosing a CNC lubrication pump, You need to ensure that the voltage of pump you will choose.In general,it’s divided as DC24V,AC220v&230v and AC380V&440V


First, you will see power supply suitation from your cnc machinery.In most cased,we highly recommend the DC24V voltage.Because it’s very safe for the operate.Our maximum voltage at DC24V,the power for oil is 20W and for grease is 60W


SKF MKF2 Oil Lubrication Pump

p203 grease pump with level swith

SKF P203 Grease Lubrication Pump


But the disadvantage of the DC voltage,it couldn’t satisfied higher power for the higher pressure or higher discharge requirement.Most cnc lubrication pump is very small.At this situation,we will recommend you AC220V voltage pump.It could make small but supply the high power and high discarge.(Power=Pressure*Vol.)
0.5l pump
0.5L lubrication pump
oil mist pump
3L oil mist system
sk-505 electric pump front view
1L PDI Grease Pump


Re the AC380v lubrication pump,it usually widely in the Trochoid Pump,because the power will reach 120W,so we will choice the currently three-phase motor to provide the enough power.
power station for press machinery
eletrical trochoild pump
When you design your CNC machinery,keep in mind that having too little or too much power couldn’t negatively,so be sure to take adequate measures in selecting its appropriate voltage pump for your system

Choose Based On The Lubricant Requirment

It’s important to determine whether your machine requires oil or grease as a lubricant. While some machines require oil-based lubricants, others need thicker and stickier grease-based ones. Common machinery need the oil lubricant,because the lube parts are usually linear guider or the common bearings or the rotate parts.
For some press machinery or the texitle machinery,it’s forbben the oil drop down.We will change to the grease lubricatin pump for these situtation.
In conclusion: selecting a CNC Lubrication Pump based on the right kind of lubricating agent is essential because it ultimately affects how well your machine runs over time by increasing its durability and optimizing performance during operations.
hand grease lubrication pump
automatic lubrication pump

Choose Based On The Different CNC Machinery

Different CNC machinery requires different lubrication pumps. The type and size of the machine play a crucial role in determining which pump to choose.
For machines with multiple axes, it is recommended to use a progressive lubrication system that ensures each axis receives an equal amount of lubricant. This ensures smooth operation and reduces wear on the machine’s components.
Lathes and common cnc center require common gear pumps that can deliver oil at a constant flow rate.Because their moving parts are less prone to stresses caused by friction. Choosing an electronic controller pump model that allows you to vary the delivery rate according to your needs is ideal when milling small or large volumes of material.
In summary, selecting the correct lubrication pump based on specific CNC machinery requirements could be time-consuming but necessary for optimum performance and durability. Consult with us about CNC machine used lubrication pump before making any purchase decisions.
how to fix the progressive blocks

Choose The Lubrication Pump Based On The Different Lubrication System

SLR System

For example, the simple lathe and cnc center will use the SLR system.It has manual or the electrical lubrication pump with metering unt.

PDI System

Some cnc centers will use the PDI lubrication system. It could save the oil mixed with cooling liquid.It could drop the preciously oil to the needed part.

PRG System

Now more and more preciously high torque parts need grease lubrication. At that time, we will suggest the PRG lubrication system.We recommend the grease lubrication pump with progressive blocks and pipes.

Choose The Lubrication Pump Based On Price Requirement

Here is the price range for the CNC lubrication pump. If you are interested, you could contact us. Because we are a manufacturer and so the price could talk if you purchase a large per timer. And we accept Paypal and TT Payments.
Here is the price for the part of the lubrication pumps below:

Trouble Shooting For the CNC Lubrication Pump

Isohitech Lubrication has much experience on CNC lubrication pump trouble shooting. Here is the list to show how to solve these problems below.The main problem is from isohitech electrical lubrication pump

Lubrication Pump FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Which pump is used for lubrication system?

The SKF MKF2 Gear Pump is a popular choice for lubrication systems, known for its efficiency and precision in delivering fluid grease to industrial machinery.

How do I choose lubrication?

Consider the machinery type, operating conditions, and specific lubrication needs. Evaluate the lubricant's viscosity, compatibility, and application method.

What type of pump is best for oil?

Gear pumps like SKF MKF2 are preferred for oil lubrication due to their efficiency in handling various oil viscosities and delivering precise lubrication.

How do you ensure the lubrication pump is effective?

Ensure regular maintenance, use the recommended lubricant, and monitor the pump's performance to maintain its effectiveness.

What are the three types of oil pumps?

Three common oil pumps are gear pumps, vane pumps, and piston pumps, each suitable for different machinery and operating conditions.

What is the best type of lubrication system?

The best system depends on the machinery's needs. Automatic lubrication systems are often preferred for their efficiency and reduced maintenance needs.

Which pump is used for pumping viscous oil?

Gear and progressive cavity pumps are typically used for viscous oils, designed to handle higher viscosity fluids efficiently.

What is the pressure of a lubrication pump?

The pressure varies depending on the model and application. Choose a pump with the appropriate pressure rating for your specific lubrication needs.

What pumps are used for high viscosity fluids?

Gear, screw, and peristaltic pumps are often used for high viscosity fluids, ensuring efficient movement and optimal lubrication.

What pumps do most pressure lubrication systems have?

Most systems utilize gear or piston pumps, capable of generating the necessary pressure to effectively deliver lubricant throughout the machinery.

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