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DJF2000 Block

DJF2000 Block

DJF2000 series distributors suit the high ambient temperatures. Manual lubricators, motorized lubricators,s and pneumatic lubricators can form a single-line lubrication system. Widely be used in large machine tools and harbor machines. A typical DJF2000 distributor consists of an inlet section, an end section, and no less than 3 sections and
no more than 10 sections. A distributor can have 3 to 20 outlets. The twice outlet section (Add “T” after section specification means twice outlet section) have two outlets at both sides of the section. Single outlet section (Add “S” after section specification means single outlet section) has an outlet at one side of the section. Please pay
attention that you can block any out otherwise the progressive distributor can not work.

Max work pressure:25MPa
Delivery:0.16ml/cyc ~ 1.12ml/cyc
Lubricant viscosity (under standard temperature) : oil ≥ N68, grease: NLGI 000#~2#
Work temperature: -20℃~+60℃
Manifold number: 3~10
Tubing: Outlet: Φ6mm length: 1.2~3.5m
Inlet: Φ8mm length:1.5~4.5m
Manifold Material: carbon steel

Number Of Working Slice A (mm) B (mm) Number Of Working Slice A (mm) B (mm)
3 89.4 143.0 7 171.8 223.0
4 110.0 163.0 8 192.4 244.0
5 130.6 183.0 9 213.0 264.0
6 151.2 203.0 10 233.6 284.0
Outlet per Slice
2000-10T 0.16 20720-10T 2
2000-10S 0.32 20720-10S 1
2000-15T 0.24 20720-15T 2
2000-15S 0.48 20720-15S 1
2000-20T 0.32 20720-20T 2
2000-20S 0.64 20720-20S 1
2000-25T 0.4 20720-25T 2
2000-25S 0.8 20720-25S 1
2000-30T 0.48 20720-30T 2
2000-30S 0.96 20720-30S 1
2000-35T 0.56 20720-35T 2
2000-35S 1.12 20720-35S 1
djf2000 blocks

How to order DJF2000 series distributors?

Example 2: Sketch of DJF-2000 distributor ordering
A: Indicate the type: DJF-2000;
B: indicates the number of sections (4 in this case)
C: indicates cycle indicator 8: micro switch type cycle indicator
D: contents in parenthesis indicate the sizes of sections after the first sections listed according to their sequence
E. Size of the first sections in the sequence is 35.T indicates twin outlets and 8R shows that series 8 indicators are at the right end face of the sections.
F. Size of the second sections in the sequence is 1 front left side of the sections. CF placed before size 15 shows that the crossport is on the left side; if it is placed after size 15, the crossport will be on the right side.
G. Size of the third section in the sequence is 15. SR indicates s
H. Size of the 4th section is 10. T indicates a twin outlet.



P.N. Description A (mm) B (mm) 2-d
32265-1 1000 cross port kit 19 15 2-G1/8
32265-2 2000 cross port kit 22 21 2-M8
32265-3 2500 cross port kit 22 21 2-M8

Electro-mechanical switch
The electro-mechanical switch is a device to monitor flow of lubricant in the system. It makes use of the reciprocal movement of indicator pin on the piston of progressive distributor to enable opening or closing of the electro-mechanical switch inside the cycle indicator, so as to send electric signals to host control system. Once an abnormity occurs in the lubrication system, the host control system will be able to send alarm or stop the operation of the host to facilitate timely maintenance.
Contact capacity: 250VAC 1A or 125VAC 3A

Cross Port

Here is the general information about the djf2000 progressive blocks.

How many working slice could be assembled in one set?

In general, the djf2000 series blocks could hold 3-10 working slices.

What's the discharge of the outlets?

We have from 0.16ml/cyc to 1.12ml/cyc for option.

What's the maximum pressure could be hold?

Our maximum pressure could reach up tp 25Mpa.

What's the lub points range?

The lubrication points are from 3-20 outlets each one block set.


Carton package.
2000 progressive package

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