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DJF2500 Progressive Block

DJF2500 Block

Divider valve manifolds of the 2500 series are the most important components of progressive lubricating systems. With modular construction, these blocks can be installed, modified, and maintained without removing any tubing.
Through a moving indicator pin, progressive movement lubricant divider blocks operate in a predetermined sequence to make it easy to monitor system performance. At the end of a complete lubrication cycle, the pin transmits a signal to the controller through an electrical limit switch.
One manifold assembly can lubricate up to 20 bearings, and a simple system can include up to 20 manifolds. As a result of a cyclic discharge from a lubricator, the pistons in the divider block move sequentially, displacing fixed volumetric quantities of lubricant to each point in the system.

  • Adopt the Viton O-rings to be suitable for the high temperature
  • Easy maintenance and could work with any brands
  • cycle count could vision
  • Easy replace and don’t loose the pipe
  • Material: Steel
Number Of Working Slice M (mm) L (mm) Number Of Working Slice  Working Slice M (mm) L (mm)
3 91 122 7 185 215
4 114 145 8 208 239
5 138 169 9 231 262
6 161 192 10 255 285
Discharge per Hole(mL/cyc)
Twin outlet
Twin Single
5 0.08 0.16 22500-05T 22500-05S
10 0.16 0.32 22500-10T 22500-10S
15 0.24 0.48 22500-15T 22500-15S
20 0.32 0.64 22500-20T 22500-20S
25 0.41 0.82 22500-25T 22500-25S
30 0.49 0.98 22500-30T 22500-30S
35 0.57 1.14 22500-35T 22500-35S
40 0.64 1.28 22500-40T 22500-40S
2500 progressive blocks order list

How to order DJF2500 series distributors?

Example 2: Sketch of DJF-2500 distributor ordering
A: Indicate the type: DJF-2500;
B: indicates the number of sections (4 in this case)
C: indicates cycle indicator 8: micro switch type cycle indicator
D: contents in parenthesis indicate the sizes of sections after the first sections listed according to their sequence
E. Size of the first sections in the sequence is 35.T indicates twin outlets and 8R shows that series 8 indicators are at the right end face of the sections.
F. Size of the second sections in the sequence is 1 front left side of the sections. CF placed before size 15 shows that the cross port is on the left side; if it is placed after size 15, the cross port will be on the right side.
G. Size of the third section in the sequence is 15. SR indicates s
H. Size of the 4th section is 10. T indicates a twin outlet.

Main Parameter

Max work pressure:25Mpa
Delivery: 0.08ml/cyc ~ 1.28ml/cyc
Lubricant viscosity (under standard temperature): oil≥N68,grease:NLGI 000#~2#
Work temperature: -20℃~+60℃
Max work frequency (with stem):60cyc/min
Max work frequency (without stem):200cyc/min
Manifold number: 3~10
Outlet: Φ6mm length: 1.2~3.5m Φ8mm length1.5~4.5m

m2500 blocks
Cross Port



P.N. Description A (mm) B (mm) 2-d
32265-1 1000 cross port kit 19 15 2-G1/8
32265-2 2000 cross port kit 22 21 2-M8
32265-3 2500 cross port kit 22 21 2-M8

Electro-mechanical switch
The electro-mechanical switch is a device to monitor flow of lubricant in the system. It makes use of the reciprocal movement of indicator pin on the piston of progressive distributor to enable opening or closing of the electro-mechanical switch inside the cycle indicator, so as to send electric signals to host control system. Once an abnormity occurs in the lubrication system, the host control system will be able to send alarm or stop the operation of the host to facilitate timely maintenance.
Contact capacity: 250VAC 1A or 125VAC 3A

The Progressive distributor 2500 series is an advanced design with a reasonable structure. It offers progressive oil supply, a sheet structure which consists of the first film and 3-10 working films. This makes it suitable for both high and medium pressure conditions, with maximum pressures of 25Mpa and 16Mpa respectively. With an easy to monitor displacement ranging from 0.16-1.28ml/cyc, it can be equipped with a cycle indicator lever or cycle switch. The lubricants must be lubricating oil≥ N68# or grease NLGI000#-2#. The number of lubrication points per group is 3-20 points.

What's the material of the 2500 progressive blocks?

The material is Steel with zinc-plate

What's the maximum working pressure?

It’s 40Mpa maximumly.

What's the material of the O'rings inside?

The Viton o-rings.

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