Electric Motor Grease Pump

The 20703 centralized lubrication pump is a powerful and robust compact multi-line pump that can drive up to 3 elements and is used in progressive (Quicklub or Modular Lube) automated lubrication systems. It is perfect for mobile applications, small and medium-sized machinery, and general industries. Versatile, compact, and economical, this pump can be enhanced with low-level control and the printed circuit board that allow for controlling the lubrication cycles.
The family of 20703 pumps includes 12 and 24VDC 、220 and 380VAC. They are available with 1,2 or 3 elements in an adjustable output element. Reservoir sizes are 2.5,3,4,5,6,8,10 or 10 liters. Refer to the pump identification code for a complete listing of available pump configurations.

Power voltage 12、24VDC
Timer Timer-1、Timer-2 or without Timer
Motor Power 50W
Max. pressure 25MPa
Single outlet discharge 5.5ml/min
Number of outlet 1~3
Reservoir 2L (plastics)
Grease range NLGI 000#~00#2
Protection IP65
Interval 2 minutes to 15 hours
Running time 4 seconds to 37.5 minutes
Current when loaded 3A
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