FJB meter unit

FJB Meter unit


With the time development, most machinery is working in a very harsh environment and the labor is very experience time. The central lubrication system is very important for the machinery.

Isohitech has Meter unit that worked with the electric oil to longer your machinery life.

The advantage of the lubrication system
The central lubrication system is the efficiency way to longer your machinery life. And the central lubrication can replace the human to add the grease to each point,especially for the multiply points machinery.
Compare the machinery fixed in the central lubrication system or not, the system can increase the mechanical parts were downtime. The technical only needs to check the situation of the system and optimized the machinery usage.

The advantage of the lubrication system
The central lubrication system is the effciency way to longer your machinery life.And the central lubrication can replace the human to add the grease to the each point,inspecially for the multiply points machinery.
Compare the machinery fixed in the central lubrication sytem or not,the system can increase the mechanical parts were down time.The technical only need to check the situation of the system and it optimized the machinery usage.

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The main device in the lubrication system

we are usually divided into hand pumps and electric pumps and air pumps. Different pumps offer different discharge and pressure to the system. We usually choose the system based on the usage and cost-effectiveness of our customers. In short, for some opening systems, we prefer the metering system to do and for some oil need to be controlled wellpoint, we prefer the injector system to do, you could treat it as a closed system, the discharge can be controlled very well.

The meter unit

The meter unit is divided based on the speed of the discharge, we usually choose the high different metering unit in one system, we prefer to choose based on the medium and then increase or reduce the number.

The injectors unit

The injectors are used for precious usage, for some food lines or the bottling line, the extra oil can’t drip out, so we choose the unit.

The distributor unit

We usually choose the distributor closed to the lube point to save the pips and for the easy fixed on the machinery.

Fittings and couplings

The couplings.
Isohitech has our own CNC workshop and we don’t have any MOQ requirements and provide a one-stop service for our customers.

The tube
Isohitech has our flexible spring cover tube and provides the complete set provided. You only measure the length of the pipe and isohitech could provide the complete assembled pipes.

When used and maintained appropriately, central oil bodies can help enhance expert efficiency as well as simplify tool maintenance processes. The following is actually a thorough summary of central grease systems and the perks they offer, the several styles, issues to keep an eye out for, and tips on how to sustain them appropriately.

Conveniences of Centralized Oil Greasing Equipments
Central grease units are actually designed primarily to make the workplace safer for routine maintenance workers by simplifying the method of accessing small oil aspects, especially in limited spaces, when equipment functions. Nonetheless, the main advantage is actually originated from the continual treatment of small quantities of grease leading to an improved equipment lifestyle, as a result of the uniform supply of grease.

Hand request is typically carried out occasionally and also may lead to irregular volumes of grease being actually administered, which may lead to over greasing leading to ruined seals and also elevated bearing temperatures due to grease turn.

It is vital for upkeep experts to discover that lots of central grease units have lengthy lines, accurate metering shutoffs, fittings as well as countless hookups that can easily malfunction as a result of resonance, air entrainment, and various other environmental impacts. Hence, very carefully monitoring and also maintaining the body on a consistent basis is vital.

Forms Of Centralized Grease Equipment
Central oil lubrication devices are designed to lubricate the widest stable of mobile and also stationary equipment. As the oiling request ends up being even more sophisticated, the concept of the body additionally becomes much more intricate as additional features are added.

Most central oil devices come under 2 classifications. The first is a straight body through which a pump is actually utilized to constrain the oil and also gauge it bent on the treatment point. The second and even more complex type is actually a secondary system in which a pump presses the oil. Shutoffs created in the distribution line are after that utilized to meter the oil into the bearings.

Indirect bodies are actually additional cracked down right into pairs of standard kinds, analog and nonparallel. In parallel devices, also called nonprogressive, the system is actually pressurized, and also the metering shutoffs run at the same time.

The disadvantage of a parallel unit is actually that it may be complicated to recognize a failed (blocked) valve, as grease will definitely remain to be actually dispensed via the continuing to be valved. Pump tension will definitely certainly not boost and also there will be no outward indicator of a shutoff failing (Figure 2).

Single-line Identical Device
Number 2. Single-line Identical Unit
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In nonparallel units, also understood as modern, the metering shutoffs are installed in-line. After the unit is actually raised to tension, the 1st valve operates. Oil at that point moves through it to the next valve in line.

In this configuration, if one shutoff fails, the whole entire body stops working causing enhanced tension at the pump as well as no grease intake. Nothing else apparent concerns may be actually made use of to swiftly determine the exact factor of failing (Number 3).

Single-line Progressive System
Figure 3. Single-line Progressive System
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Nonparallel and identical systems can be additional cracked down into solitary- and dual-line systems. Today, the absolute most popular form of central oil device is the indirect single-line body, making up much more than fifty percent of the marketplace.

For single-line equipment, injectors exemplify the key to premium functionality. In single-line units, injectors are actually accountable for metering the proper quantity of grease to the bearing or even other areas demanding grease oiling. When evolving to a new pattern, one have to constantly vent the injectors.

The various other kind of system, the dual- or even two-line unit, makes use of 2 supply lines to provide oil to the injectors. A four-way shutoff is actually utilized to direct oil alternatively per of the oil series while soothing tension on the various other product lines. The second series provides a security frame but includes additional price and also difficulty pertaining to installation.

There are actually a variety of techniques to regulate both the single- and dual-line units. The valves could be functioned by hand, cycled through a cooking timer, or even controlled through a counter that assesses grease circulation.

Several strainers, filters, alarm systems and also keeping track of units might also be consisted of in the system. These units are established in one, pair or three phases, depending upon the number of lubrication aspects.

Besides injector shutoffs, all centralized grease greasing systems incorporate a storage tank of oil, pump, operator, lines as well as metering blocks as displayed in Body 1 above.

Each component functions as adheres to:

Storage tank: Delivers a mass volume of oil that may be maintained tidy and easily on call to the body.

Pump: Generates the circulation of grease as well as develops stress in the line(s). The pump dimension will definitely differ relying on the distance between the pump as well as the farthest injector.

Controller: Takes care of the stress on the system by switching pressure supply valves on as well as off on the basis of either time or pattern. It can also acquire indicators signifying limited or fell short grease circulation to the bearing.