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Grease Progressive Distributor Block

ISOHITECH lUBRICATION Manufacturer Grease Progressive Divider Valve Manifolds distribute and deliver oil or grease to bearings. It consists of an inlet section working slice, three to ten working pieces, and an end section. A completed assembled set can serve up to 22 lubrication points. The individual divider valve blocks(SSV Series) have discharge pistons and built-in check valves at the outlet. The piston diameter determines the discharge capacity of a valve block.

Progressive distributor

Segment Grease Progressive Distributor Block

The Grease progressive distributor is worked with the grease pump, it’s widely used in many industries with the Isohitech DZGK or DZG Grease pump.

  • DJF1000 Metering Blocks
  • DJF2000 Metering Blocks
  • DJF3000 Metering Blocks
  • DJF2500 Metering Blocks
  • SSV Metering Blocks

Dual-line Grease Progressive Distributor Block

The dual-line blocks are worked with the dual-line system.

  • VSG Metering Blocks
  • VSL Metering Blocks
  • DW,SSPQ-L Metering Blocks
  • DV,SDPQ Metering Blocks
  • Z-VB,SSPQ-P Metering Blocks
  • SGQ Metering Blocks
dual-line blocks
U blocks

U Grease Progressive Distributor Block

U-Block distributors help strengthen progressive lubrication systems and provide several outlet configurations tailored to be desired system specifications. Crossport bars can also be added to double the discharge volume when necessary.

  • U-6 Distributor
  • U-8 Distributor
  • U-10 Distributor
  • U-12 Distributor
1000 Blocks

The 1000 serious grease progressive distributor blocks could work a maximum of up to 16MPa and the delivery range is from 0.08ml/cyc to 0.48ml/cyc(single outlets). It could deliver the 68# oil and NIGL 000#~2# grease. The complete progressive distributor blocks could be assembled with up to 16 outlets.

2000 Blocks

Isohitech Lubrication DJF2000 grease progressive distributor blocks have an inlet section and working section and basement section. A distributor has 3 to 20 outlets. The Max work pressure could reach 25MPa and deliver the lubricant from 0.16 to 1.12ml/cyc.

DJF3000 Blocks

The grease progressive distributor DJF3000 serious blocks are widely used in heavy-duty industries, such as the mining industry and steel field. The DJF3000 progressive distributor blocks can work up to 25Mpa pressure and Work with the NIGL #3 grease. The discharge from 0.4ml/cyc to 4.8ml/cyc.

DJF2500 Blocks

The Series 2500 grease Progressive Distributor Blocks are segmented manifold valve manifolds. 2500 Progressive Distributor Blocks are designed for repair and fixing easily. You don’t need to disconnect the fittings and tubing. The Progressive Distributor Blocks are designed for up to 25Mpa and could lube 20 points maximum.

Mono Blocks

The SSV-M grease Progressive Distributor Blocks are designed for one steel block which is suitable for some special usage industries. Each outlet is 0.25cm³ per stroke. An outlet can be blocked or adjusted the fitting to change the discharge of the outlets.
Isohitech Lubrication could provide from 6 to 22 outlet Progressive Distributor Blocks.

U Blocks

The U series Grease Progressive Distributor Blocks is a smart and compacted aluminum block that is suitable for many space-limited industries. The advantage of the system you could see the visual indicator pin to know the working situation. The Progressive Distributor Blocks could work up to 15Mpa and delivery 0.3cm³ lubricant to the point per cycle. The outlets are from 4 to 12 outlets.

ZVB Blocks

ZVB Grease Progressive Distributor Blocks are the widely used and high-cost effect progressive blocks in the lubrication industry. It has 3 kinds of metering indicators and screw and switch. The discharge is divided from 0.5ml/cyc to 1.5ml/cyc to 3.0ml/cyc.

vsg blocks

VSG Grease Progressive Distributor Blocks are widely used in heavy-duty industries and suitable for 40Mpa Two-line centralized grease systems. The Discharge is up to 2.2cm³.The discharge could be adjustable by 0.14cm³ via turn the screw. Isohitech Lubrication could provide 2,4,6 and 8 outlets.

vsl blocks

VSL Grease Progressive Distributor Blocks are made of carbon steel and You could adjust the bolt to change the discharge. It could delivery 5cm³ to the lube point. It is designed for 0.15cm³ per turn. The maximum working pressure is 40Mpa and outlets have 2,4,6,and 8 outlets.

ISOHITECH LUBRICATION Grease Progressive Distributor Block By Three Kinds Of Lubrication System (3)

  • Progress sysstem usage

    The progressive lubrication system has a grease pump and all kinds of Progressive Distributor Block. ISOHITECH LUBRICATION provides 1000,2000,3000, SSVM, and U serious types Progressive Divider Valve Manifolds that could deliver the oil and grease to the lube points. Isohitech Lubrication system could lube 20 points and change the segment to adjust the discharge suitable for the application.

  • dual-line system

    The dual-line grease measuring blocks of ISOHITECH lubrication systems are mounted close to the lubrication points, and they are hydraulically operated by pressure from the first of two supply lines. On either line, Isohitech Lubrication VSG, VSL, and ZVB blocks could delivery the lubricant to the point at every cycle.

  • contruction machinery lubrication system

    As we all know construction Machinery is very expensive for the hoster and most machinery has more than 20 points needed to lube. So grease progressive blocks are widely used in industry. Isohitech Lubrication 1000,2000, and SSVM blocks are very suitable for space-limited machinery. Isohitech Lubrication could provide One-stop service for our customers.

WHY ISOHITECH LUBRICATION Grease Progressive Distributor Block (3)


    Isohitech lubrication has our own production facilities for machining our Grease Progressive Distributor Block. We are equipped with well-tooling equipment and inspection device. Aside from that, Isohitech lubrication also provides the OEM Grease Progressive Distributor Block service. With our advanced Grease Progressive Distributor Block machine and equipment, We could manufacture custom Grease Progressive Distributor Block for your business and project.

  • many application used the Grease Progressive Distributor Block

    ISOHITECH LUBRICATION can produce grease progressive blocks for many different applications. All of our blocks through second-time inspection.Aside from that,we can customize any kinds of grease progressive blocks without any MOQ requirement to cater to different industrial needs such as aerospace and windy and tooling industrial usage.

  • grease progressive distributor capacity

    Isohitech Lubrication has the full kinds of grease progressive distributor production and assembly and test lines. Through this technology. We can minimize the production cost and keep the consistent quality and freedom of design.

Waiting For Your Next Order

Isohitech could provide the complete lubrication system to ensure your system

ISOHITECH LUBRICATION-Your Reliable Grease Progressive Distributor Provider

Isohitech Lubrication has 20 years of offering grease progressive distributor services in China. With 20 years of experience, we could produce all kinds of grease progressive distributors with intricate features. Our grease progressive distributor involves segment progressive blocks and U size progressive blocks and Dual-line blocks.
Isohitech can assure the price is very cost-cost-products. Our production line could offer a small amount production for grease progressive distributors with fast and low cost.

For grease progressive distributors and components, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Grease Progressive Block: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers everything you want to know about Grease Progressive Block
So if you want to find the Questions in Grease Progressive Block,this is the right content for you.Take a look below:

What is grease manifold block?

The Grease Manifold Block is used to deliver the lubricant to the bearings or the Pins.
FurtherMore,The Grease distributor blocks could inject the grease above the hard touch surface to reduce the worn and longer the equipment working situation.

What are benefits of grease manifold block?

There are several advantages of Grease Manifold Blocks.
The divider enables you to centralize the delivery of the grease to different components.
This will minimize your labor and lower costs relating to maintenance and protect the environment as well.
Combining the lube point in a block can eliminate the disadvantage of the manual add process.

What Are The Applications Of Grease Manifold Block?

The Grease Manifold Blocks find its application in many areas:

  • Automotive Industries
  • Aerospace
  • Wind Industries
  • Heavy-duty Industrial.

More Information>

How Important Of Grease Manifold Block In The Central Lubrication System?

Grease Manifold Block is very important in the central lubrication system.
For instance, if your bearing has more grease, it will increase the pressure when the bearing working. The Grease Manifold Block could add the grease at the setting vol. with high frequency.

What Problem Will You Happened For Grease Manifold Block?

The Grease Manifold Block has a problem when dirty grease is added.
Because the piston inside the blocks works with high tolerance. Isohitech Lubrication usually machining three times,three time by machining and the last time by hand honing.So if some burrs inside the system,the Grease Manifold Block will stop.
If the situation happed,you only to disconnect the fittings and clean the piston and holes with gas and re-assemble again,The problem will solved.

Grease Distributor Working Principle

The Grease Manifold Block working is usually driven by the pressure from the grease pump.
The grease is injected from the inlet of the blocks through the main holes to the bottom segment of the blocks. Then return to the 1st working segment slice and grease will come out, then to the 2nd working segment, and cycle again.
Isohitech lubrication has ability to design and machining all kinds of Grease Manifold Block.

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