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Progressive Distributor Block

ISOHITECH lUBRICATION Manufacturer Progressive Divider Valve Manifolds distribute and deliver oil or grease to bearings. It consists of an inlet section working slice, three to ten working pieces, and an end section. A completed assembled set can serve up to 22 lubrication points. The individual divider valve blocks(SSV Series) have discharge pistons and built-in check valves at the outlet. The piston diameter determines the discharge capacity of a valve block.

Progressive distributor

Small Segment Progressive System

The progressive distributor is worked with the grease pump, it’s widely used in many industries with the Isohitech DZGK or DZG Grease pump.

  • DJF1000 Metering Blocks
  • DJF2000 Metering Blocks
  • DJF3000 Metering Blocks
  • DJF2500 Metering Blocks
  • SSV Metering Blocks

Dual-line System

The dual-line blocks are worked with the dual-line system.

  • VSG Metering Blocks
  • VSL Metering Blocks
  • DW,SSPQ-L Metering Blocks
  • DV,SDPQ Metering Blocks
  • Z-VB,SSPQ-P Metering Blocks
  • SGQ Metering Blocks
dual-line blocks
U blocks

U Blocks

U-Block distributors help strengthen progressive lubrication systems and provide several outlet configurations tailored to be desired system specifications. Crossport bars can also be added to double the discharge volume when necessary.

  • U-6 Distributor
  • U-8 Distributor
  • U-10 Distributor
  • U-12 Distributor
1000 Blocks

The 1000 serious blocks could work a maximum of up to 16MPa and the delivery range from 0.08ml/cyc to 0.48ml/cyc(single outlets). It could deliver the 68# oil and NIGL 000#~2# grease. The complete blocks could be assembled with up to 16 outlets.

2000 Blocks

Isohitech Lubrication DJF2000 progressive distributor blocks have an inlet section and working section and basement section. A distributor has 3 to 20 outlets. The Max work pressure could reach 25MPa and delivery the lubricant from 0.16 to 1.12ml/cyc.

DJF3000 Blocks

The DJF3000 serious blocks are widely used in heavy-duty industrial,such

Max work pressure:25MPa
Outlet:6~20 outlets

DJF2500 Blocks

Max work pressure:25MPa
Outlet:6~20 outlets

Mono Blocks

Max work pressure:30MPa
Outlet:6~20 outlets

U Blocks

Max work pressure:15MPa
Outlet:4~12 outlets

ZVB Blocks

Max work pressure:40MPa
Outlet:1~8 outlets

vsg blocks

Max work pressure:40MPa
Outlet:2/4/6/8 outlets

vsl blocks

Max work pressure:40MPa
Outlet:2/4/6/8 outlets

progressive blocks png
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