progressive block usage
SSV Metering Block

SSV Metering Block

The MONO series progressive distributor is designed for small-size progressive lubrication systems. They are a cost efficient solution for supplying multiple lubrication points with relatively small volumes of oil and grease. The MONO series can be used with machine tools, processing machinery, presses, textile, printing and packaging machinery. The MONO is also suitable for mobile applications, including off-road equipment.

Operating pressure max 30Mpa
Discharge per outlet 0.25g /cyc
Ambient temperature -20℃to +80℃
Grease lubricants NLGI 000 # to 2#;

Oil ISO VG 68 to 1500 at operating

Advantage 1.No rubber seals

2.Combining of outlets

3.Exact lubricant metering

4.High operating pressure

Symbol 06 08 10 12 14 16 18 20
Outlet Number 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20

*The example:
Mono-06   Mono:The type;   06:The number of the outlet;


ssv plug and check valve

how we machining ssv?

How isohitech Machining the SSV blocks?

Isohitech have our own workshop to machining SSV blocks.

How we test the SSV metering blocks?

Isohitech standards are 200-250 bars with #68 oil for the 30s-40s.

how isohitech test the blocks?

Here is the main information on the ssv blocks.

What's the material of the SSV progressive blocks?

The material is steel and process via zinc-plate

How many outlets of the SSV progressive blocks?

The outlets are from 6 to 20 outlets

What's the discharge of the blocks?

each discharge is 0.17ml/cyc.

What's kind of lubricant could use?

It could work with grease(up to NIGL #2) and oil(#68-#1500) and synthetics.

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