Isohitech Lubrication Working In The Harsh Envoirement!

Isohitech Lubrication Working In The Harsh Envoirement?

Isohitech lubrication offers a great solution for keeping equipment running smoothly in harsh working environments. This is because they are specially designed to withstand intense heat, cold, and other extreme conditions that can cause significant wear and tear on machinery. But why should you choose Isohitech lubricants over conventional ones? In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of using Isohitech lubrication in harsh working environments. We’ll also discuss how the company is helping to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase safety in all types of industrial facilities. Read on to learn more about this innovative technology!

What is Isohitech Lubrication?

Isohitech Lubrication is a family of lubricants specifically designed for use in demanding, high-temperature industrial environments. Isohitech Lubrication products are based on unique, proprietary technology that provides superior performance in terms of wear protection, heat resistance and long service life.

Isohitech Lubrication products are available in a wide range of formulations to meet the specific needs of different applications and operating conditions. Whether it is extreme pressure or high temperature, Isohitech Lubrication has a product to meet your needs.

How does Isohitech Lubrication work in the harsh environment?

Isohitech lubrication works in the harsh environment by using a unique process that coats the metal surfaces with a thin film of lubricant. This thin film of lubricant is then able to provide a barrier between the metal surfaces and the environment, preventing corrosion and wear.

Advantages of Isohitech Lubrication

Isohitech Lubrication has several advantages that make it ideal for use in harsh environments. First, it is extremely resistant to high temperatures and will not break down or degrade even at very high temperatures. Second, it is also highly resistant to water and will not wash away or be diluted by water. Finally, it has excellent lubricating properties and will keep machinery running smoothly even in the most demanding conditions.

Disadvantages of Isohitech Lubrication

There are several disadvantages to Isohitech lubrication. First, it is difficult to control the amount of lubricant that is applied to the workpiece. Second, Isohitech lubrication can cause smearing and streaking of the workpiece surface. Third, Isohitech lubrication can result in a poor surface finish on the workpiece. Finally, Isohitech lubrication can be messy and difficult to clean up.


Isohitech lubrication is an effective solution for protecting and preserving machinery in harsh environments. Its superior properties allow it to resist mildew, corrosion, oxidation and extreme temperatures. Additionally, the product provides excellent performance against wear and tear as well as providing a long-lasting protective coating for your equipment or machinery. Investing in an Isohitech lubricant can be beneficial in many ways including reduced maintenance costs and improved efficiency which ultimately leads to increased productivity. Try out this innovative technology today!

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