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Lubrication Oil Pump

The Lubrication Oil Pump keeps your production line working in at very smooth situation, Isohitech lubrication could provide hand and electrical lubrication oil pumps at a very good prices with various size reservoirs and timer control.We have sold to many industries on our excellent quality and cost.

isohitech workshop

Why Choice Isohitech Lubrication Oil Pump?

Isohitech Lubrication has our own workshop and has various kinds of reservoirs and could provide the hand and the electrical lubrication oil pump. Isohitech lubrication also provides lubrication fittings or couplings with a one-stop service. Isohitech lubrication could provide the lubrication solution to keep your equipment work smooth.

The Features Of The Isohitech Lubrication Oil Pump

The Isohitech Lubrication oil pump basically equipped the pressure switch and level switch to witness the pressure and oil situation in the reservoir. Isohitech lubrication could be delivered from up 20# oil to NIGL000 Grease. Our distributors could fix the switch to send back the signal to the lubrication oil pump to alarm the operating system.

pressure switch
lubrication oil pump application

Isohitech Lubrication Oil Pump Application

Lubrication Oil Pump is used to lubricate the bearings, pins, bushings, chains, spindles, etc. Isohitech Lubrication oil pump served in Industrial toolings,and CNC machining industries,etc

0.5l hand lubrication pump-

L Series Lubrication Oil Pump is a manual pump and is widely used in small machinery. It could work with 32#-250# oil. The pressure is 0.3Mpa and discharge is from 2ml to 7ml per cycle. The reservoir is 0.5L and the outlet is suitable for a 4mm pipe. The pump could work with metering units.

high perssure hand lubrication pump

This pump is a piston-driven lubrication oil pump by manual, the maximum pressure could reach 2Mpa and discharge is 8mm per stroke. Isohitech Lubrication recommends a maximum 30 points small system. Two reservoirs can be options, that is 350ml and 500ml. The outlet pipe is 4mm and 6mm. It works in the SLR system and PDI system.

2kg lubrication oil pump

Isohitech Electrical driven lubrication oil pump has a 2kg reservoir and maximum 4Mpa working pressure. Isohitech could provide the DC24V and AC110V and AC230V power. The discharge is 110m per min. It could work the oil from #20 to 2000# soft grease. The pump is equipped with the pressure and level switch and works with the metering unit and injectors.

3kg lubrication oil pump

The Isohitech 3kG Lubrication oil pump is the gear type and motor-driven lubrication oil pump. The reservoir is 3L and the discharge is 108ml/min. The rated pressure 2.5MPa and the Maximum could reach 4Mpa. The 3kg oil lubrication pump could work with an internal timer and work in the SLR or the PDI system.

4kg lubrication pump

4Kg Lubrication Oil Pump is very popular for medium size equipment. It could work with the SLR system and PDI system. Sometimes, the 4kg lubrication oil pump could work as a small circulation lubrication system. Isohitech choice 30W Motor and Discharge is 210ml/min.A good quality timer has 4 modes that could be a choice.

Eletrical Lubrication Oil Pump

The BBZ trochoid pump assembly includes a motor, a trochoid pump, and a relief valve. This Electrical Lubrication Oil Pump is suitable for low-pressure continuous and intermittent supply lubrication oil. The pressure range is from 0.1Mpa to 0.4Mpa.Isohitech has 1.4L/min,2.4L/min, and 3.5L/min,4.5L/min and 7L/min could be option.
The outlet and inlet have Rc1/8, Rc1/4, and Rc3/8 could be options.

vertical motor lubrication pump

The 6kg Motorized Lubrication Oil Pump has 3Liter and 6Liter options. It could work from #68 oil and NIGL 000# soft grease. The motor power is 90W, maximum pressure is 4Mpa and the voltage is 220V/380V.This lubrication oil pump could fix a filter to work as small circulate lubrication system.

  • BSB Grease Pump

    The BSB Lubrication is the best choice for a lot of the lubrication points equipment. The system has the full unit that could work with. It has an Engineer design control box to witness and control the system. The system could be fully automatic control and save labor. When working with the ZVB or VSL or Vsg blocks, it could extend to 200 points within the 100M range.

  • y6020 Lubrication pump

    The Y6020 Electrical Lubrication pump has Dc24V and AC220V and AC110V three modes. This electrical Grease Pump is equipped with a 200W motor. The reservoir is a 10kg-20kg barrel. The discharge could reach 0.1-0.3kg/min. The output discharge is maximum up to 15Mpa. You also could choose the flower plate.It could work #0~#3 Grease

  • DH1001 Air lubrication pump

    In some industries, there don’t have power in the field, we will choose the 50:1 or 55:1 air Grease Lubrication Pump to work with the change valve in the dual-line lubrication system. We have 20kg and 50kg and 200kg options.You could choice this pump to refill grease in the system or fill the injector in a very short time.

  • csk grease pump

    CSK series Lubrication oil pump is widely used in earth movement Equipment and windy Industrial. The Pump has been designed for a high protection level and it could be bearing the harsh temperature and is equipped with an internal timer.
    High good design could guarantee the Lubrication Oil Pump has a good performance in the earth moving machinery.

  • cs grease pump

    The motorized grease lubrication pump is a piston-type and motor-driven lubrication pump. The maximum outlet is 3 and each discharge is 5.5ml/min. The motor power is 60W and could fix the level switch to sensor the grease level. It also works with an external timer. The maximum reservoir tank could be up to 12L(12kg).

  • fs grease lubrication pump

    FS Series lubrication pump is specially designed for small and medium equipment. The Motor is placed inside a cover and 4 pump elements could be fixed. The Pump element could word build 25Mpa pressure with the safety valve to protect the safety valve. This lubrication pump could work with the progressive blocks. It has a flexible extension when needed. The internal timer could be setting the working time and idle time.

  • sm air lubrication pump

    The SM Series air-operated grease pump is a kind of piston pump and is driven by a 2-way solenoid valve. The SM-type grease pump is suitable for positive injectors. The special design for the inside vent valves returns the grease back to the reservoir.The SM pump has a high cost effect for work with 32,33,42,43 series manifold high pressure injectors.We could provide 1L and 2L resoire and Maximum outlet is 15Mpa.

oil lubrication pump png
Isohitech Oil Lubrication System

Isohitech Lubrication system could provide you the good cost lubrication pump


Isohitech lubrication oil pump covers the electrical type, manual type, pneumatic type, and barrel type. You could choose the grease or oil lubrication pump to meet your applications. All of the lubrication pumps could work with any famous brand blocks. Isohitech lubrication oil pump could work in a single-line lubrication system,dual-line lubrication system, or progressive lubrication system and lubrication circulation system.
Isohitech Lubrication also provides a One-stop service.

We also provide

Here are the general questions for the lubrication oil pump.

Which Types Of Oil Pumps Are Used In Lubrication Systems And The Methods?

For the common lubrication system used, we have two types. One is the gear-type pump and the other is the piston-type pump. The advantage of the gear pump is the continuous working for the lubrication points, it’s suitable for the low viscosity lubricant, such as #20-#320 oil.
Regarding the piston type, it’s suitable for high-viscosity lubricant. But the disadvantage of the type, the complex structure, and the sensitivity for the cleaning of the lubricant.
Isohitech could recommend the suitable type pump for our customer.

What Are The Four Types Of Lubrication Systems?

As for the lubrication systems, the main popular system below:

  • The SLR system, which we called a single-line resistance system, this system is designed for the small lubrication system
  • Dual Line Lubrication System, this system is widely used in heavy-duty industries, such as the mining industry or the coal mining industry, it could centralize more than 500 points within 100 Meters
  • A progressive resistance lubrication system consists of several different blocks,it’s widely used in the grease system
  • Positive Injector system, which is used for a small amount of lubrication machinery, in many places, the extra oil will contamination the product.The small amount lubrication could avoid this problem.
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