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Why Lubrication Services Is More Important?

We all understand that lubrication is a crucial aspect of equipment maintenance, especially in the mechanical industry and heavy-load sectors. It significantly enhances the lifespan of equipment and reduces maintenance time. With 20 years of experience in this industry, we have observed a growing trend towards automation in equipment, with each machine now equipped with a lubrication system.

We foresee that in the next 20 to 50 years, virtually every piece of equipment will be outfitted with a lubrication system. In response, we are expanding our services related to these systems. Our work involves assisting clients with replacing and installing new lubrication systems. Through conversations with our clients, we have learned that they are eager to adopt additional lubrication systems to decrease their reliance on regular maintenance. This is particularly true for equipment used in harsh environments, where a robust lubrication system is essential for ensuring smooth operation.

What Lubrication Service We could Provide?

Our services include designing lubrication systems for equipment, maintaining these systems, installing them, and providing technical consultation for various lubrication systems.

lubrication system design
As a manufacturer of lubrication systems with many years of industry experience and collaborations with over 1000 manufacturers, we can provide optimal solutions based on customer blueprints and requirements.
Maintenance of Lubrication Systems
With more equipment operating 24 hours a day, the demand for high-quality lubrication systems is increasing. Larger systems and equipment, such as port machinery, mining equipment, and construction machinery, rely heavily on lubrication systems. We routinely inspect the usage of our systems and replace or repair damaged parts.
System Installation
Installing a lubrication system is a specialized task, primarily focusing on the connections of pipes and fittings, oil refilling, and air expulsion from the system. For these issues, we have an experienced installation team offering professional services, including remote guidance through phone and video when necessary.
design of the lubrication system
Although we are manufacturers, we cannot produce all types of lubrication products. Therefore, we collaborate with globally recognized brands to offer various design options for our clients.
engineering sourcing
In addition to our brand, we also provide parts from other brands to facilitate clients in replacing new components.

Industrial Served (4)

  • seaport industrial

    Due to their constant outdoor operation, Seaport equipment requires robust lubrication systems. We often use centralized dual-line systems for port machinery, utilizing BSB pumps and VSG distributors extensively. For some specific parts, we equip them with separate progressive distribution systems.

  • Coal Mining Industrial

    In the coal mining industry, we use high-pressure pumps in combination with opening gear spray systems. Sometimes, we utilize greases of grade 2 or thicker. To facilitate better adherence of high-viscosity grease to gear surfaces, we heat the barrels to maintain the grease at an optimal consistency.

  • Construction Equipment

    For construction equipment such as excavators, we provide lubrication pumps of 4 kg and 8 kg capacities, equipped with liquid level detection and high protection ratings. These are designed to operate reliably in extremely harsh environments.

  • machine tools

    The machine tool industry makes the least use of lubrication systems and was one of the first sectors we entered. We offer SLR system and PDI system, along with a variety of manual and electric lubrication oil pumps and accessories.

Lubrication System We Provide (4)

  • slr lubrication system used metering unit

    This low-pressure, cost-effective lubrication system addresses basic lubrication needs. We offer highly efficient solutions for fundamental lubrication requirements.

  • sl1 injectors used in the pdi lubrication system

    Suitable for lubricating oils to soft greases, the PDI system’s advantage lies in its compact size and micro-lubrication capability. It’s ideal for small lubrication points, allowing for timed and measured grease injection. Commonly used in textile machinery and forging equipment.

  • progressive block used in the prg lubrication system

    A progressive distribution system, PRG is an economical and effective grease lubrication solution for up to 50 points.

  • brb grease pump used in the dual line lubrication system

    Designed for large-scale systems lubricating 100 to 500 points, facilitating centralized control for ease of management.

looking forward the lubrication system cooperation

We offer one of the world’s best value-for-money lubrication services to enhance the performance of our clients’ equipment. Whether it’s a single component or a complete system, we guarantee a response within 24 hours. Additionally, we provide global express delivery to ensure our products reach our clients promptly. Our service includes an ample supply of spare parts, and in the event of any quality issues, we will provide replacements free of charge.

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