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Isohitech Lubrication could provide the slow and faster metering unit

metering unit

For SLR systems, the meter unit controls each outlet of a lubricating system. The lubricator in the system delivers amounts of oil to the distributor and meter units deliver this oil to the bearing points in setting amounts. The standard flow rates are from 0 (slow) and 3 (fast) and 5 (extra, extra fast) rates are also available. Each incremental size increase doubles the oil flow.

Name P.N. Flow
SBJ-0 33013 0(slow)
SBJ-1 33014 1
SBJ-2 33015 2 (medium fast)
SBJ-3 33016 3 fast
SBJ-4 33017 4
SBJ-5 33018 5(extra, extra fast)

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