Modern Heavy Duty Industrial Best Solution

When we visit the mining industry and cement industry and Steel industry, we will see much open and bigger gear there.which are used transmission power. So the cost of the gear is very expensive. How to reduce the wear?
Isohitech follows many well-known brands and could provide some optimized parts. Isohitech recommends the manifold distributor and spray nozzle, working with the 50kg or 200kg barrel grease pump.
This system is very easy to install and very extend to the other gears easily.

grease spray png
grease mist system

Benefits of the open gear lubrication system

  • form a very thin and heavy firm
  • protect the corrosion
  • clean envoirement
  • Easy maintenance


Manifold Metering Block And Spray Nozzle (2)

Most Open Gear Lubrication System Application

cement png
Cement Factory
power factory png
Power Plant
open gear lubrication png
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