The pipes play a crucial role in lubrication systems, and they come in various materials. These materials include nylon pipes, copper pipes, and aluminum pipes. High-pressure oil pipes are commonly used in grease lubrication systems.

The common usage pipes blow:

  • Material: Brass,nylon,Alumium
  • 4mm,6mm,8mm
  • high pressure standand

Nylon pipes, also known as PA pipes (short for polyamide pipes), are synthetic fiber tubes. They are easy to install, flexible, and can be stretched and bent to meet lubrication requirements.
The common size:

Small-diameter copper pipes can be used in certain special environments and are capable of handling higher pressures. Compared to high-pressure resin pipes, copper pipes offer a higher level of cost-effectiveness.

High-pressure oil pipes, thermoplastic polyamide, are primarily used in grease lubrication systems. Compared to the previous types of high-pressure pipes, such as captive-type pipes, high-pressure resin pipes are easier to install, can be cut and assembled on-site, and are more convenient for replacement and maintenance.
The popular size below:

  • 11/6mm Polyamide pipe
  • 8.6/4mm Polyamide Pipe

How to assemble the Hose End and Stud

In many cases, we can customize pipeline assemblies to specific lengths based on customer requirements. For regular nylon pipes, we typically install protective springs. For high-pressure resin pipes, we secure the pipe joints and sleeves, making it convenient for customers to use them directly.

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