BSB Dual Line Grease Pump


In general

BSB dual-line pump is a kind of high-pressure dual-piston electrical pump. It’s assembled via a dual piston element and reservoir and driven by an AC motor. The cam pushes reducer rotation and dual piston move correspond. The design of the construction is very special. It can work for the dual line system or progressive system with blocks.
You’d better fix the pump in the center of the system. It can lubricate 1000 points and farthest distance can be up to 100m.


Pressure: Up to 40Mpa;
Reservoir: 30L; 60L; 100L;
Working temperature: -20℃~+80℃;
Viscosity: NLGI000#~2#;oil above 68#;

How to order
Model Pressure Discharge (ml/r) Reservoir Motor Temperature


Wgt (kg)
Power(kW) Voltage(V)
P120Z 40


120 30L 0.37 380 0~80 56
P120Z 0.75 -20~80 64
P120Z 60L 0.37 0~80 60
P120Z 0.75 -20~80 68
P235Z 235 30L 1.5 0~80 70
P235Z 60L 74
P235Z 100L 82
P365Z 365 60L 74
P365Z 100L 82
Package: 760mm*650mm*1300mm (wooden box)
Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 100 × 40 × 1000 cm
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