DJF1000 Progressive Blocks


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The distributors in the DJF1 Series are responsible for distributing and proportioning oil or grease to various bearing points. A regular setup usually includes an inlet section, three to nine valves, and an end section, with a single assembly being able to serve up to 18 lubrication points. What sets these distributors apart is their sliding discharge piston and built-in outlet check valves. Additionally, there are three output sizes available by varying the piston diameter in the valve block. Each double outlet block has two outlets located at either end of the assembly as well.


Max work pressure:16MPa
Delivery:0.08ml/cyc ~ 0.48ml/cyc
Lubricant viscosity (under
standard temperature):
oil≥N68;grease:NLGI 000#~2#
Work temperature:-20℃~+60℃
Max work frequency (with stem):60cyc/min
Max work frequency (without stem):200cyc/min
Manifold number:3~8
Tubing:Outlet: Φ4mm-length:0.5~2.5m /Inlet: Φ6mm-length:1.2~3.5m

NO Valve


Discharge P.N. Max Pressure Min Pressure Iinlet Screw Inlet Pipe Outlet screw Outlet pipe Outlet per Slice
mL/Cyc MPa
1 1000-05T 0.08 20710-05T 16 1.4 M10×1 Φ6 M8×1 Φ4 2
1000-05S 0.16 20710-05S 1
2 1000-10T 0.16 20710-10T 2
1000-10S 0.32 20710-10S 1
3 1000-15T 0.24 20710-15T 2
1000-15S 0.48 20710-15S 1
4 1000-20T 0.32 20710-20T 2
1000-20S 0.64 20710-20S 1

1. Cycle indicator can be mounted on 1.5T or 1.5S sections;
2. User shall specify the changed inlet/outlet diameter when ordering;
3. Never block the outlet of a distributor so as to avoid over-pressure damage to the distributor;
4. Smallest segment group shall have 3 sections; the largest segment group shall have 8 sections.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 cm

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