M2500 Progressive Blocks


M2500 Progressive Blocks

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A typical M2500 progressive distributor consists of an inlet section, an end section, and no less than 3 sections and no more than 10 sections. A progressive distributor can have 3 to 20 outlets. The twice outlet section (Add “T” after section specification means twice outlet section) have two outlets at both sides of the section. Single outlet section (Add “S” after section specification means single outlet section) has an outlet at one side of the section. Please pay attention that you can block any out otherwise the progressive distributor can not work.

Technical data

Max work pressure:25Mpa
Delivery: 0.08ml/cyc ~ 1.28ml/cyc
Lubricant viscosity (under standard temperature): oil≥N68,grease:NLGI 000#~2#
Work temperature: -20℃~+60℃
Max work frequency (with stem):60cyc/min
Max work frequency (without stem):200cyc/min
Manifold number: 3~10
Outlet: Φ6mm length: 1.2~3.5m Φ8mm length1.5~4.5m



Discharge per Hole(mL/cyc) Max Pressure(MPa) Min Working Pressure(MPa) P.N.
Twin outlet Single
Twin Single
05 0.08 0.16 25 1.4 22500-05T 22500-05S
10 0.16 0.32 22500-10T 22500-10S
15 0.24 0.48 22500-15T 22500-15S
20 0.32 0.64 22500-20T 22500-20S
25 0.41 0.82 22500-25T 22500-25S
30 0.49 0.98 22500-30T 22500-30S
35 0.57 1.14 22500-35T 22500-35S
40 0.64 1.28 22500-40T 22500-40S


  1. Only the valve size up to 20 can install the indicator;
  2. User shall specify changed inlet/outlet diameter when ordering;
  3. Never block the outlet of a distributor so as to avoid over-pressure damage to the distributor;
  4. In order to keep the veracity of assembly, please machine reserve two fixed holes of the inlet section(or end section) on the machine. Because progressive divider valve the distance between the fixed holes will be changed within a little range. Machining two holes per the progressive divider valve’s actual dimension when fixing the progressive divider valve.
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

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