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Single Line Lubrication System

A Single Line Lubrication System is an automated lubrication system that uses a central pump to push lubricant through a single feed line.Each lubrication point has a metering valve that dispenses a specific amount of lubricant to the component it is designed to lubricate.


Isohitech also provides the pipes and adapters and manifold distribution and brushes.
M8,M10,Pt1/8,Pt 1/4
M10,M8,many option
manifold distrubutor
2 outlets-12 outlets

Single Line Lubrication System Application

The Single Line Lubrication System is widely used in the market. The advantage is the system is significantly cheaper and easy to replace and etc.
Reduce Wear
Chain System
The chain is very popular in many production lines, isohitech has many solutions for this system,we could provide the brush system or the extra gear-in-center.
CNC toolings
CNC machinery has many screws and linear guides. So SLR system is adopted in this system
Heavy Duty Equipment
Heavy duty equipment such as mining machinery, construction equipment, and industrial manufacturing machines often use Single Line Lubrication Systems (SLR) to maintain their moving parts properly lubricated.
Railroad Industrial
Railroad and locomotive equipment also use Single Line Lubrication Systems (SLR) to maintain their moving parts lubricated. The SLR system is often used for critical components such as bearings, gears, couplings, and track switches, which require regular lubrication to operate efficiently
Steel Industrial
The steel industry uses Single Line Lubrication Systems (SLR) extensively in their manufacturing processes to lubricate the machinery used to produce steel.Proper lubrication helps reduce friction and wear on these components.

What's the advantage of the SLR system?

Single Line Lubrication Systems (SLR) offer several advantages over traditional manual lubrication methods. They provide precise and controlled lubrication, reduce human error, increase equipment lifespan, improve efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance safety in the workplace. SLR systems offer a cost-effective solution to lubrication needs in various industries while improving productivity, reliability, and safety.
auto control
The SLR system is always equipped the control timer.
Reduce the Maintance
Longer the equipment work cycle
single line lubrication system

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