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SL1 Injector

SL1 Grease Injector

• Viton O-rings standard to protect against high heat & synthetic lubricants
• All injectors are shipped with vinyl cover caps standard
• Operating pressures to 1,000 psi
• Adjustable oil output
• Visual operating indicator pin
• Includes feed line fill fitting

The SL1 grease injector is designed to provide an accurate amount of oil or grease to every lubrication point via a delivery line. It can be installed in cramped areas, regardless of the distances between lubricating points, and is suitable for use in difficult working environments. Also known as a single line metering device for lubrication equipment, the injector is powered and pressurized by a lubrication pump to push lubricates to all lubricating points.

With a visually indicated pin, the oil grease lubrication condition can be adjusted as per the different working conditions, by adjusting the screw to get proper lubrication. We are able to provide standard or customized manifolds as per various requirements for our SL1 grease injector.

The grease injector is designed to be used in many kinds of automatic control lube systems, especially for those machines or equipment which are hard to lubricate. Due to its wide range of applications and ease of installation, oil grease injectors offer great convenience to customers.

Operating Pressure: Max 20Mpa; Minimum 6.5Mpa
Lube Output: – Adjustable .050 cu. in. (.82 cc) – .500 cu. in. (8.2 cc)
Vent/Relief Pressure:150 psi (10 BAR) or less
Lubricants Oil – semi-fluid grease
Seals Viton o-rings (70 durometers) & hytral packings
Max Temperature: 200℉ (93℃)
Material: Steel with zinc and yellow chromate plating
Pipe Connections :Injector inlet – 1/2” NPT ;Injector outlet – 1/4” NPT

Here is the information for the sl1 injector.

What's the main characteristic of the SL1 injector?

The Orings inside chose the Viton material to ensure could work in high temperatures or synthetic material.
Our sl1 injector could work with many famous brand at good cost.

What's the openining operation pressure?

Our min. operation pressure is 110~120kgs.

What's the maximum pressure

It’s at 200-240kgs.

What's the adjustable lubricant range?

It’s usually from 0.13ml~1.6ml/cyc.

what's the material?

It’s steel material with zinc-yellow plate.

What's the lubricant range?

It’s up to NIGL #2 grease.

What's the oring material?

It’s Viton material.

What's the inlet thread?

It’s NPT 3/8.

What's the outlet thread?

It’s Npt 1/8.

What's the working temperature?

It’s could from -10 degree to 170 degree.

The Dimension Diagram.

sl1 injector sketch diagram

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