• sm grease pump
  • sm grease pump pic
  • sm grease pump sketch
  • sm grease pump
  • sm grease pump pic
  • sm grease pump sketch


Reservoir 2L
Dsicharge 8cc/stroke
Pressure ratio 18:1
Pressure 4MPa-15Mpa
Maximum stroke per min. 8 stroke/min
Lubricant #000-NIGL #2
Level switch option
Lubrication System Injector

We offer air-powered lubricators for grease and oil lubricants. Models are available to handle different levels of volume

The lubricating oil is released during the forward stroke, and all positive displacement injectors are actuated. A check valve, also prevents pressure from building up on the return stroke.


To fill the reservoir with grease, make sure that the recommended grease is applied and can be dispensed without any separation of its composition. After you have turned the SM Lubrication on a few times, connect it to your centralized system’s distribution feed line. To bleed any air that might be trapped underneath the follower plate, remove the screw from the lid and depress the top of the bleed valve in the follower.

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2.PDI injector System;
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