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VSG Block

VSG Block

In the VSG dual line metering block, the outlets are connected to the supplying pipes and powered by high pressure grease pump. As the grease enters the inlet port of the grease metering device, the pilot piton is forced downward, allowing the upper channels of the main piston and pilot piston to connect. In order to transport grease to the lubrication point, the lubricant grease pressurized the main piston down.By adjusting the adjustment bolts and modifying the stroke of the main piston, the pump can feed grease to the other inlet port starting the same stroke after finishing one stroke.

Lubricant: up to NIGL#3
Material:Carbon Steel

  • the system can be easily extended by additional valves
  • visual control of divider cycles
  • exact delivery rate per outlet
  • delivery rate per outlet is continuously adjustable
  • electrical monitoring at the option
vsg skectch


P.N. VSG-2 VSG-4 VSG-6 VSG-8
Outlet 2 4 6 8
L1(mm) 30.5 62 94 126
L(mm) 44.5 76 108 140

Vol. Adjustable

You could slight adjust discharge pin distance slight adjust the vol.

vsg indicator pin

The VSG dual line distributors is designed and constructed in different metering volumes.
Each blocks has G3/8 and G1/4 to connect the lub point.

What Is The Maximum Pressure Of The System?

The max pressure is 40Mpa

What's kind of the metering vol.?

We have 0.5ml,1ml,and 3ml.

What's Kind Of Dosing Selection Could Be Offer?
  • Metering Screw: You could fix the vol. by using the screws.
  • The Indicator Pin: The indicator could show the visual of the working situation
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