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Small lubrication oil pump

Small lubrication oil pump

An automatic lubricating oil pump for a CNC machine produces alternating electromagnetic force by driving the piston to reciprocate and transport oil. In addition to its reasonable structure, it has reliable performance, a beautiful appearance, complete functions, and high-cost performance. With a few lubrication points, it can replace electric piston pumps and can be used for centralized lubrication of small mechanical equipment.
Controller: option

Model Discharge (ml/min) Max.pressure(MPa) Reservoir Time adjust range (min) Voltage


Timer Pressure gauge Weight (KG)
HTSO5-8 1-99

(Flow can be adjusted)

1 0.5 10-999





With Without 0.62
HTS05-8B 0.5 With With 0.62
HTS05D-8B 0.5 Without With 0.65
HTS01-8 1 With Without 0.65
HTS01-8B 1 With With 0.65
HTS01D-8B 1 Without With 0.65
HTS02-8 2 With Without 0.9
HTS02-8B 2 With With 0.9
HTS02D-8B 2 Without With 0.9


The electromagnetic pump is driven by the two digital timers.


The filter is equipped with the mesh.

back bracket

Aluminum Casting body

The material is processed by aluminum casting

The electromagnetic motor

The electromagnetic motor is very low noise.


Here is the general information on the electromagnetic pump.

What's the voltage of the electromagnetic pump?

The voltage is DC24V and 36V and 110V and 220V.

It’s 1.0Mpa.

What's the size of the reservoir?

The reservoir is 0.5L and 1L and 2L.

The output of the pump?

It’s usually for 4mm and 6mm.

What's the visccosity of the oil?


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