Progressive Blocks

progressive block cover

Progressive Blocks, also called Progressive Distributors, come in slice and mono-block styles. Slice-style distributors typically consist of three slice: head, buttom, and working. They have 3 to 24 outlets. They operate by using lubricant to move pistons. If one piston fails, the entire distributor stops, so proximity switches are used for monitoring. Different models are available based on lubrication needs.
For various applications, different distributors are made, like the lightweight U-type for vehicle chassis.
The Mono block is generally used outdoors as it is designed without any O-rings, making it suitable for harsh environments. The outlets on this distributor can be adjusted on-site during installation, with the exception of the 1st and 2nd outlets, which must remain unblocked. This feature allows for greater flexibility and adaptability in various operational settings.
We recommend different models of distributors based on the specific requirements of our customers, ensuring that each distributor is tailored to meet their unique needs and operational conditions.

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