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Heavy Equipment Lubrication System

Isohitech Lubrication systems are built to work in even the harshest environments and deliver lubrication consistently for optimal heavy equipment performance.

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Why The Heavy Duty Equipment Need The Lubrication System?

A major cause of heavy-duty equipment downtime and unnecessary maintenance processes is bearing broken down caused by lack of or over grease
An automatic lubrication system with self-monitoring for heavy-duty machinery could reduce wear and increases equipment reliability. Isohitech Lubrication could provide flexible units or devices for your choice and help you avoid the repair cost.

The Advantage Of The Lubrication System For The Heavy Duty Equipment

An automatic lubrication system could extend the life of and increase heavy-duty equipment operating efficiency and safety in the field. It increases productivity, reduces downtime, and increases operator safety. It could avoid over-lubricating by hand operation. The over-lubricating could cause the bearing to work in a high-pressure and dirty environment. Isohitech lubrication could provide the best price pump to let your heavy duty equipment work in good situation.

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VS. Manual Lubrication

Vs. Manual Lubrication

Manual systems require trained maintenance personnel to correctly apply grease, recognizing its importance. It typically takes an hour to lubricate each point, leading to bearing damage over time due to delayed maintenance. Manual lubrication is time-consuming for operators. In contrast, automatic lubrication systems supply oil at set intervals, increasing equipment lifespan, reducing downtime, minimizing human involvement, and potentially decreasing the need for part replacements.


Wheel loaders mainly work on their front-middle part. Despite few lubrication points, frequent movements lead to overheating and wear. We recommend a small 2-4kg lubrication system for automatic lubrication.

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Mining crushers, often used outdoors in harsh environments, suffer from bearing and transmission wear. Traditional manual pumps fail to ensure sufficient lubrication. Electric pumps solve this by providing timely and precise lubrication to transmission parts.


Port equipment, with intense workloads, suffers from transmission wear, making manual lubrication complex and unsafe. Routine maintenance fails to lubricate during operation. Our dual-line system addresses this, reducing regular maintenance frequency.


This system targets timely and precise lubrication of bearings and hydraulic cylinder joints, reducing malfunctions and ensuring smooth operation.


Used in remote and often sub-zero environments, it’s challenging to manually lubricate transmission parts. Automatic systems allow operators to monitor lubrication from the cabin.


Traditional logging machines use manual lubrication; more manufacturers are now equipping them with automatic lubrication devices.


We advise using soft grease in winter to improve lubrication, recommending more frequent lubrication and delayed refueling to ensure smooth operation.


For large-tonnage forklifts, more manufacturers are adopting lubrication systems. We offer a 1kg system for transmission chains, hydraulic cylinder joints, and bearings, applying the right amount of grease.

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Key lubrication points include chains, gears, bearings, piston rods, and various tools like clamps, vibrating screens, and feed hoppers. Distributors with varying capacities ensure proper lubrication oil quantity for different parts.


Essential in combine harvesters, focusing on lubricating the cutting blade, chains, and sprockets. Requires precise oil application, varying by part and usage. Automatic systems adjust lubrication frequency and timing effectively.


Targets hard-to-reach areas with an automatic system, especially for bearings and transmission pins in the steering mechanism.


Essential for these vehicles, an appropriate automatic system ensures smooth operation.



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    In the coal mining industry, large equipment requires regular and precise lubrication. Due to spatial constraints, traditional manual lubrication methods are insufficient. The industry now widely adopts automatic lubrication systems, offering real-time monitoring, on-demand oil supply, intelligent alarms, and remote control. Automated centralized lubrication has completely replaced manual methods in coal mining.


    With industry upgrades and new technologies, the increase in air suspension, disc-braked axles, and maintenance-free parts has led to reduced lubrication points. Consequently, there’s a clear demand for lighter, smaller capacity automatic lubrication systems. We’re developing lighter, smaller systems to meet these needs.

Which lubricants are used for heavy load applications?

For heavy load applications, it is important to use lubricants that can withstand high pressures and provide excellent protection against wear. Here are some commonly used lubricants for heavy load applications:

1. Extreme Pressure (EP) Grease: EP greases contain additives such as sulfur, phosphorus, or chlorinated compounds that provide exceptional protection under extreme pressure conditions. They form a protective film that prevents metal-to-metal contact and reduces friction.

2. Synthetic Grease: Synthetic greases are formulated with synthetic base oils and advanced additives that offer superior performance under heavy load conditions. They have excellent thermal stability, oxidation resistance, and can handle high temperatures and extreme pressures.

3. Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) Grease: MoS2 greases contain solid lubricants like molybdenum disulfide, which acts as a boundary lubricant between two metal surfaces. It provides an additional layer of protection during high load operations and helps reduce friction and wear.

4. Lithium Complex Grease: Lithium complex greases are versatile multi-purpose lubricants that can handle heavy loads and high temperatures. They offer excellent mechanical stability, water resistance, and oxidation resistance.

5. Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease: Calcium sulfonate complex greases are known for their exceptional load-carrying capacity and resistance to water, corrosion, and extreme temperatures. They are suitable for heavy-load applications in various industries.

6. Synthetic Gear Oil: For heavy-load gear applications, synthetic gear oils are often used. These oils provide excellent protection against wear, micropitting, and scoring. They have high viscosity index, thermal stability, and can handle high shock loads.

It is important to consider the specific requirements of your application, including the load, speed, temperature, and environment, to select the most suitable lubricant. Consulting with a lubrication specialist or the equipment manufacturer can help ensure the right choice of lubricant for your heavy load application.

Why Heavy Equipment need Lubrication System?

Heavy equipment, including construction machinery, mining equipment, agricultural machinery, and other large-scale machines, operate under extreme conditions and heavy loads. These conditions subject the equipment to significant friction, wear, and heat generation, which can lead to premature failure and costly downtime. A well-designed lubrication system is essential to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of heavy equipment. Here’s why heavy equipment needs a lubrication system:

1. Friction Reduction: Heavy equipment consists of various moving parts, such as gears, bearings, pistons, and joints. These components experience high levels of friction during operation, which can lead to increased wear and reduced efficiency. Lubricants reduce friction by forming a protective film between surfaces, allowing them to slide smoothly against each other.

2. Wear Protection: The high loads and harsh operating conditions experienced by heavy equipment can cause accelerated wear on critical components. A lubrication system delivers appropriate lubricants to lubrication points, ensuring proper coating and protection of surfaces. This prevents direct metal-to-metal contact and reduces wear, extending the lifespan of components and reducing maintenance costs.

3. Heat Dissipation: Heavy equipment generates substantial heat during operation due to internal friction and external working conditions. Proper lubrication helps dissipate this heat by carrying it away from critical components. Lubricants with good thermal conductivity and high viscosity index maintain stable operating temperatures, preventing excessive heat buildup and potential damage.

4. Contamination Protection: Heavy equipment often operates in dusty, dirty, or wet environments, making it susceptible to contamination by particles, moisture, and debris. A lubrication system helps protect equipment by delivering clean lubricants and creating a barrier against contaminants. This prevents abrasive particles from entering critical components, reducing the risk of damage and performance degradation.

5. Corrosion Prevention: Exposure to moisture, chemicals, and harsh environments can cause corrosion on heavy equipment surfaces. Lubrication systems provide a protective layer of lubricant that acts as a barrier, preventing the formation of rust and corrosion. This preserves the integrity of equipment and maintains operational efficiency.

6. Maintenance Efficiency: Heavy equipment typically has numerous lubrication points that require regular maintenance. A well-designed lubrication system simplifies the lubrication process by automating or streamlining the delivery of lubricants to multiple points. This reduces maintenance time, ensures consistent lubrication, and helps avoid missed or inadequate lubrication, which can lead to breakdowns.

Overall, a robust lubrication system for heavy equipment is crucial for maximizing equipment performance, minimizing downtime, and reducing maintenance costs. Proper lubrication ensures smooth operation, extends equipment life, decreases wear and tear, and enhances overall productivity. It is essential to follow manufacturer guidelines and consult with lubrication experts to select the right lubricants and lubrication system for specific heavy equipment applications.


Isohitech lubrication has 20 years of experience in the lubrication industrial.We are located in Nanjing, not far from Shanghai, China.

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