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Lubrication Controller

Lubrication Controller

The TC-2 lubrication Controller is a versatile and customizable programmable controller that is widely used in mobile lubrication systems. Its power source is the vehicle or machine’s ignition switch, and it has the ability to save controller settings even when power is interrupted. Additionally, it supports up to four operating modes, allowing the controller to be seamlessly integrated into various lubrication system designs.A voltage could be suitabt for 12 and 24 VDC service.

1.Digital Display and control
2.Power:DC12V or DC24v or AC220V/380V
3.Protection Level:IP47
4.Working Temperature:-10 degree to 40 degree
5.Suitable for SLR system,PDI System,and PRG System

Mode Selection
1.Time control:setting the working time and idle time.
2.Pressure control:this is working with the injector system.
3.Cycle count mode:work with the progressive blocks that fixed the cycle switch;
4.Pulse count mode:it could program on/off signal to solenoid valve for cycling control.

Isohitech lubrication controller is an electronic device that is used to manage and regulate the lubrication process in a mechanical system. The controller can be programmed to control the frequency, amount and distribution of lubricant applied to various machine components, and can also monitor system performance and alert the operator of any issues or potential failures.

  • Digital Control
  • Easy Operation
  • Very Smart Design
  • IP47 Protection
What's kinds of the lubrication controller Isohitech Lubrication could provide?

This controller is fitted with multiple protection functions, enabling it to monitor the lubrication system’s operational status in real time. With its precise performance and low power usage, the controller is definitely reliable and operates on a variety of input voltages. The LCD display panel gives users an insight into the setup parameters for easy selection. In addition, it also provides manual/automatic switching functionality for convenient user-selected settings depending on actual operation conditions. Moreover, several alarm outputs promise multiple alarms like oil pressure and temperature alarm along with other fault warnings. All these qualities make our controllers incredibly productive and useful for the control of continuous lubrication duties.

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