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Vertical Motor Lubrication Pump

Vertical Motor Lubrication Pump

An electric lubrication pump in the DC series has a reasonable structure, excellent performance, a wide range of applications, and strong self-priming ability. Its oil tank volume is offered in three sizes: 3 liters, 6 liters(metal), and 9 liters(metal).
This pump is usually controlled by PLC and has good performance on the circulate characteristic.
viscosity range:30-2500cst.

P.N Discharge Reservoir Pressure Voltage Control unit
DCD2.5-3L 250ml/min 3L 2Mpa



DCD2.5-6L 6L
DCD2.5-9L 9L
DCD5-3L 500ml/min 3L
DCD5-6L 6L
DCD5-9L 9L
DCD8-3L 800ml/min 3L
DCD8-6L 6L
DCD8-9L 9L
380V reservoir


The material reservoir is adapted to good quality material and the thickness of the reservoir is much thicker than others the developed material could bear more than 60kg punching.


The good design of the cap of the filter is easy for opening.

filter good design

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Here is the main information on the DCD Pump

What's the main lubricant could be use?

The main lubricant is the oil and viscosity range is from 20-1500cst.

What's the voltage of the pump?

The choice voltage is 110V/220V/380V.

The size of the reservoir

We could choose 4L,6L, or 9L reservoir. The material is plastic and metal.

What's the discharge of the pump?

Based on the different usage, for the lubrication system, we could choose 200ml/min. When talking about the circulation system, we could choose 800ml/min or more to finish the project.

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