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Injection Lubrication System

Isohitech provides the injectors for the oil and grease

DLX Injector

DLX Single-Injector

There are two different body sizes and seven discharge rates available in the DLX single-injector. The injector is designed to deliver a consistent and predetermined amount of oil each discharge cycle. In conjunction with these injectors, Isohitech standard junctions, 4mm secondary tubing, and compression fittings can be used to facilitate system distribution.
DLX single-injectors are designed specifically for cyclic operation oil systems and are intended to be used only in one direction
Typically, they are installed near application points and connected to bearings.

Multiple Injector

The Multiple injectors are purposely designed and accurate positive displacement injectors that guarantee precise lubrication for diverse applications. The calculated capacity of lubricant they release eliminates the risk of over or under lubrication. Moreover, they continuously operate even when pressure increases, and refresh with fresh lubricant when pressure is decreased. Among their key features are; compatibility with other Multiple series injectors, capability to handle oil and soft greases, variable output volumes, modular design, and the option for push-to-connect fittings. For successful operation of the system, a minimum pressure of 15 bar (220 psi) from a compatible pump is needed as well as a pressure relief valve to control line tension between cycles. The injectors can be attached to manifolds or tee fittings, with both compression-style and push-to-connect outlet fittings available.

Multiple injector
sl1 injector

SL Injector

The FL injectors,single-line and parallel grease offer higher outputs, making them well-suited for fulfilling lubrication requirements in medium and large machines. Additionally, their elevated output pressures make them ideal for harsh operating environments. Key features of the FL Injectors include standard Viton O-rings for protection against high heat and synthetic lubricants, compatibility with major competitive brands in terms of form, fit, and function, vinyl cover caps shipped with all injectors, adjustable oil output, visual operating indicator pin for easy monitoring, and inclusion of a feed line fill fitting for convenient setup. And the operating Pressure is from 6.5Mpa to 20Mpa and Discharge could be adjustable from 0.050cc to 8.2cc.

FL32 Injectors

Single and manifold injectors can be adjusted to a maximum discharge of 0.008 cubic inches per cycle. They come with two mounting clips and screws (1/4″-20 thread x 1/2″ long hex head). To determine the piston’s travel and control output, turn the indicator cap: when fully tightened it will reduce the output to a minimum; five full turns allows for the maximum discharge; further turning won’t increase the lubricant output. After adjusting to the desired output, be sure to secure it with a locknut against the indicator cap’s face.The pressure is from 82bar to 240bar and lubricant is up to NLGI#2 grease.

sl32 injector
10 single injector


20 single injector


30 injector


40 injector


50 injector


Multiple Injectors (6)

SL Injector (1)

  • sl1 injector

    Min. Working Pressure:80kgs;
    Max. Working Pressure:160kgs;
    Material:Steel with zinc treatment;
    Inlet:Npt 3/8;
    Outlet:Npt 1/8;
    Port:1-6 Ports;

SL32 Grease Injector (1)

  • positive injector system

    Min. Pressure:50kgs;
    Max. Pressure:120kgs;
    Grease:NLGI #2;
    Adjust range:5 turns;
    Material:Steel with zinc-plate;
    Inlet: Npt 1/4
    Outlet:4mm hose

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Isohitech could provide the good cost injection system


We provide Positive Displacement Injectors (PDI) with oil or grease, which are working in precise amounts with each cycle. The metering element is key to the success of a centralized lubrication system. Injectors come in a wide variety of lubricants(#68~#1500) and can be replaced with every brand. Pump types include manual, electric, and pneumatic pumps, along with barrel pumps.

Metering elements are essential for centralized lubrication systems to be effective. We provide PDI valves, suitable for both oil and grease applications, featuring advanced technology. They effectively meter lubricants in precise amounts during each cycle. Our injector valves boast a sturdy yet uncomplicated design, making them compatible with various lubricants and enabling them to be interchanged with other brands effortlessly. Besides, they can be paired with manual pumps, electric pumps, pneumatic pumps or drum pumps, depending on the requirements.
Our O-rings are made from VITON, could working in high temperatures and synthetic lubricants,could replace major brands.

The general information for the single injector lubrication system.

The single injector delivers a certain quantity of lubricant to points every cycle. Our standard inlet is 6mm and the outlet is 4mm.

What's the single injectors system requirement?

In general, the opening pressure for the injector is 10kgs`14kgs(for oil and grease). We usually work with a pressure sensor to receive the signal and longer 5s longer to stop the pump. The extra oil will return to the reservoir.

How to mount the single injectors?

The single injector is usually fixed on the manifold distributors.

What's the material of the seals in the single injectors?

It’s Viton material.

What's the discharge for the multiply injectors could be option?

It’s usually has 0.1cc,0.2cc,0.3cc,0.4cc,and 0.5cc.

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