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Injection Lubrication System

Isohitech provides the injectors for the oil and grease

DLX Injector

DLX Injector

The single-DLX series injectors are pressurized type positive displacement injectors. They inject oil when the system is pressurized, and are filled with oil when system pressure is relieved. They are suitable for periodic lubrication systems of 1.75-3.5MPa working pressure and have high distribution precision

Multiple Injector

This product is suitable for volumetric periodic lubrication systems with a working pressure of 1.75-2.5Mpa. These injectors deliver a fixed, predetermined quantity of lubricant to each lubrication point. The DLX series is available with 2,3,4 and 5 outlets.

Multiple injector
sl1 injector

SL Injector

Operating Pressure: Max 20Mpa; Minimum 6.5Mpa
Lube Output:0.050cc-8.2cc
Vent/Relief Pressure:15Mpa

FL32 Injectors

Single and manifold injectors are adjustable up to .003 cubic inches of discharge per cycle.Each manifold includes two mounting clips and screws

sl32 injector
10 single injector


20 single injector


30 injector


40 injector


50 injector


Multiple Injectors (6)

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We provide Positive Displacement Injectors (PDI) with oil or grease, which are working in precise amounts with each cycle. The metering element is key to the success of a centralized lubrication system. Injectors come in a wide variety of lubricants(#68~#1500) and can be replaced with every brand. Pump types include manual, electric, and pneumatic pumps, along with barrel pumps.

Here is the general information on the oil and grease injectors.

The general information for the single injector lubrication system.

The single injector delivers a certain quantity of lubricant to points every cycle. Our standard inlet is 6mm and the outlet is 4mm.

What's the single injectors system requirement?

In general, the opening pressure for the injector is 10kgs`14kgs(for oil and grease). We usually work with a pressure sensor to receive the signal and longer 5s longer to stop the pump. The extra oil will return to the reservoir.

How to mount the single injectors?

The single injector is usually fixed on the manifold distributors.

What's the material of the seals in the single injectors?

It’s Viton material.

What's the discharge for the multiply injectors could be option?

It’s usually has 0.1cc,0.2cc,0.3cc,0.4cc,and 0.5cc.

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