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Y6020 Grease Pump

Y6020 Grease Pump

Reservoir 20-30L
Discharge 0.6L/min
Pressure 35Mpa
Lubricant NLGI #000-#3
Voltage 24V/220V/380V
Diameter of Barrel 280mm-320mm

This is a Y-6020 electric grease pump machine. It uses DC power as its power source, and the motor drives the plunger pump to produce high-pressure grease. The advantages of this machine are safety and reliability, high working pressure, convenient use, and high production efficiency. It is suitable for adding butter to various mechanical operations, such as automobiles and tractors.
The Y-6020 Electric Grease Pump Machine features a machine frame, barrel cover, electric pump, grease gun and high-pressure hose. It can feed 0# to 2# grease without the pressure plate for an easy transfer into the case. However, to avoid inconvenience and mess, using the pressure plate may be necessary when working with 3# grease or 2# in cold regions. Doing so will make your job smoother.

Y6020 Pump kit include

  • Grease Gun
  • Universe Adapter
  • Customized Grease Follower Plate
  • Hose(2.5M-3M,with connector)

Option Accessories

  • Heavy-duty Hose Reel
  • Heavy-duty Hose
  • 5M Power Cable
yamada y6020 pump construction usage

Heavy Duty Equipment Pump Kit

The Y6020 Electrical Grease Pump is suitable for all kinds of road-on or road-off equipment. And it could bear vibration from equipment.
The Kit characteristic
The Max. pressure is 40Mpa;
The engineer-sized follower could downside to the empty the barrel;
The Powered could be 24V or DC12V;
The customized heavy-duty hose is equipped;

Wind Industry Y6020 Pump Application

The easy installment Y6020 Grease Pump kit could work at 110v/220V power.
The digital grease metering gun could record the grams of the grease delivered.

y6020 grease pump wind turbe application

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General Dimension
What is the main element inlcude the Y6020 kit?

y6020 grease pump elements inside

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