DW Block

The DW block is the type of dual line grease lubrication blocks. The outlet is located on the top and bottom.
The DW block is used in the 20Mpa dual line grease centralize system.
Material:Carbon Steel
Lubricant: up to NIGL#3
Adjustable by Turn:0.15cm3
Material:Carbon Steel

P.N. Pressure Active Pressure Outlet Discharge Range Adjustable Per Turn
DW-22H 20Mpa <1.8MPa 2 0.15-0.6ml/cyc 0.04ml
DW-24H 4
DW-26H 6
DW-28H 8
DW-32H <1.5MPa 2 0.2-1.2ml/cyc 0.06ml
DW-34H 4
DW-36H 6
DW-38H 8
DW-42H 2 0.6-2.5ml/cyc 0.1ml
DW-44H 4
DW-46H 6
DW-48H 8
DW-52H <1.2MPa 2 1.2-5ml/cyc 0.15ml
DW-54H 4
DW-56H 6
DW-58H 8
DW block working principle

DW Blocks

A=Lubrication pump
B=Grease Tank
C=Change valve
D=DW Block
D1=Pin piston
D2=Main piston
G=Adjustment bolt
H=Indicator Pin

VSL Indicator

The advantage of the VSL blocks is easy adjustable and witness the working situation through the indicat pin “G”.
You could turning the Screw “F” to adjust the the discharge.

vsl indicator
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