Bs-B Dual System Grease Pump

Bs-B Dual System Grease Pump

The BSB lubricator is used in cases where a lot of lubrication points shall centrally and reliably be supplied with lubricant. In connection with some distributors, the pump is predominantly used in dual-line lubrication systems. The HL-P can also be used for refilling and mobile greasing systems.
The lubricator consists of a high piston and electric motor-driven package, with adjustment within working pressure and dual-over-load protection. The reservoir is equipped with an auto-level-alarming device.

  • The Discharge could up to 40Mpa
  • Outside controller equipped with different devices.
  • Discharge at 7l,14l,and 22l per hours
  • High quality gear reducer motor
  • Reservoir 60L and 100L
  • BSB Pump could adjust the pressure and overload protection and could connect the automatic alarm device.
Pressure Discharge (ml/r) Reservoir Motor Temperature


Wgt (kg)
Power(kW) Voltage(V)


120 30L 0.37 380 0~80 56
0.75 -20~80 64
60L 0.37 0~80 60
0.75 -20~80 68
235 30 1.5 0~80 70
60 74
100 82
365 60 74
100 82

Here is the General FAQ for the BSB Grease Pump as below:

What's The Volume Could Be Choice?

We hav3 120ml/min and 235ml/min and 365ml/min,three kinds could be choices.

The Size Of Reservoir Could Be Choice?

30kg and 60kg and 100kg Reservoir.

How To Detect The Level?

bsb level switchAn ultrasonic level switch sensor could be a choice to detect the level switch.

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