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Oil-Mist Systems

What is the oil-mist system?

The oil mist lubrication system is widely used for the high-speed equipment,for the bearings,chains or for the clean environment.The air push the oil into the metal or the bearing or chain surface. The advantage of the system is the small vol. and clean.

  • Easy installment
  • Save money
  • micro usage
  • clean envoirement
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Isohitech Oil-Mist System

clean solution
Oil-mist System

3kg or 4kg reservoir
level switch sensor
High speed suitable
Simple flexible
Easy Extension

Oil Mist System
Oil Mist manifold
oil free
Oil mist blocks

5 points options
easy installment
easy extension

Spinder Usage
Spray nozzle

Flow range:0-25ml/min

Oil Mist nozzle

OIl Mist Application

What does an oil mist do?

An oil mist system is used in some special industries.
1. The high-speed bearing usage. In some industries, the speed always working at high speed and the oil can’t drip down to contaminate the environment. The oil mist system could add a very thin firm above it and you could add oil frequency.
2. Cutting tool industrial, the oil-mist system could push the cutting chippes to get a better surface.

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