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Don't Accept Bad Product, Don't Make Bad Product, Don't Relay Bad Product.

We Are Committed To Produce High Quality Lubrication System

Isohitech lubrication ltd has a good engineering sourcing team and a good technical team. Our goal is to produce a highly cost-effect lubrication system for our customers.Isohitech Lubrication always taken into consideration customer satisfaction.

Firstly, we would like to choose the engineering idea cutting-edge companies as suppliers. We choose the supplier based on the fundamental logic, we would ask about all of the aspects of the characters around the parts, then judge from the price and production capacity.

Secondly, we have a good technical team to assemble and test these parts, then every pump and part will do a trial test based on the standards.

Thirdly, we will provide the pallet or wooden box as an option to ensure the goods safe for customers’ side.

We’d like to imporove our quality all the time.

assemble working shop

The company has a complete production line and advanced processing equipment, comprehensive testing system and perfect quality management system.With strong technology strength and rich experience in design and manufacture of lubricating system,Isohitech Lubrication has become an important supplier for many domestic large-scale enterprises.

oil pump test table
Oil Lubrication Pump Assemble Table

Isohitech lubrication has build our oil lubrication pump test table for different size of the lubrication pump.In General,every oil lubrication pump must test more than 30mins at rated pressure.

grease pump test table
Grease Pump Test Table

We have also developed grease pump test table that can quickly measure and monitor the performance parameters such as flow rate,pressure drop, leakage current etc., while testing lubrication pumps at various pressure settings.This helps us in ensuring the highest quality standards for all our products.

spare parts rack

The delivery is reliable and punctual, which could meet the customer’s special requirements. In order to ensure the quality of our products, we have implemented a strict quality control system throughout the production process. All parts are strictly checked according to international standards before shipment.


To ensure that each product arrives safely to its destination,we use only the best materials and carefully package them with protective packaging. After packing, we inspect all of our products one by one according to customer requirements.

Isohitech Lubrication’s strict quality control process ensures that their products consistently meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Whether you need lubrication for industrial machinery, automotive engines, or any other application, Isohitech is a brand you can trust.

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