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Y8 High pressure hand pump

Y8 High pressure hand pump

Reservoir 0.5L
2 outlets
PDI and SLR System Used

Model P.N. Structure Rated injection pressure


Discharge per stroke


Lubrication points Filtrability(U) Reservoir(ml) Viscosity(mm2/S) Wgt( kg) Outlet thread/direction
Y8-6.3×0.6 20541 Handle 1.5~2.0 6 1~50 150 600 32~72 1.84 M8×1/left
20542 M8×1/right
20543 2-M8×1
y8 hand pump features

The Main Features

Y-8 Hand lubrication pump is a very popular welcome product in the market.
The advantage is that good price and high pressure and works in the SLR system and PDI systems.
The pump has two outlets for easy installment at any position.
The steel handle is very strong enough for thousands of uses.

Here is the general information for the Y-8 hand lubrication pump.

What is the working pressre?

The working pressure is 1.5Mpa

The size of the capacity

The general size is 500ml.

The lubricant range

viscosity range:#20~#150

The discharge per stroke

It’s 8ml/cyc.

What's the outlets of the pump?

The pump has two outlets and an output direction could be chosen.

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