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Isohitech Lubrication Project Cases

Isohitech Auto Grease System

Isohitech Auto Grease System
grease pump
The host equip the automatic system by themselves.
progressive distributor
Automatic lubrication system is fixed on the bigger 90Ton Truck
grease pump fix at the excavator
This system is aim to lub arm roots, arm cylinders,boom bearing and bucket cylinder.
progressive blocks
Lubrication System For Bulldozer
This system is to greasing cylinder root, pull-push head, steering drag pin and pull pin.

Isohitech Dualine Lubrication System

Mining Industrial Application
dua-line system
The system is for 100 points and 120m Length
dua-line system
Delivery the grease to the couplings
dua-line system
4 outlets blocks delivery the grease to different point
dua-line system
We check the everything points will be greased

The Benification Of The Lubrication System

It's make your operator working in the safe situation
save money
It's could safe your maintance cost.
reduce wear
It's reduce the part wearness
money raise
Increase effieiency
Let the equipment 24Hour no-stop working.
injection lubrication system

Why miner's truck choose the Isohitech SL1 injector System?

  • Good Quality
  • Fast Delivery
  • Good Price
  • Professional Service

Isohitech Lubrication More Project Cases

Why choose Isohitech Lubrication Ltd?

With 20 years experience of in development, isohitech lubrication could provide a complete lubrication system. We have a good team that could provide the best solution to our customers.

Iso9001 certification passed just the beginning of quality control. We aren’t selling the lubrication system, we are selling the solution design to protect our customers’ equipment.

The product and service we could provide

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