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There are many industries in which Isohitech has served.

  • Industry tools
  • Road on/off equipment
  • Construction,agriculture and forestry equipment
  • Mining and cement industry

Machining Tools

  • The reservoir from 0.5kg,1kg,2kg,3kg, and 4kg tank
  • Discharge:108ml/min to 210ml/min
  • Digital timer witnesses the situation of the pump.
  • Automatic control of the working time and idle time.
  • #20 oil to NIGL #000-#00.
machining tools
Road on/off equipment

Road on/off Equipment

One of the most important investments you’ll make as a heavy equipment operator is in maintaining your equipment, and proper lubrication is key. With an automatic system, grease gets to all the points where there’s friction, creates a barrier against wear, and prevents contamination penetration. The system never stops greasing, even when the machine is in use–no manual intervention is required. Increase the life of your equipment and avoid costly repairs with an automatic lubrication system.

Construction Equipment

Typically, bearing failure is the result of over-pressurization. With a grease seal, a lack of proper maintenance causes the bearings to overheat and eventually fail. By installing an automatic lubrication system that minimizes pressure and provides grease to all points, you can extend the service life of your equipment and avoid the costly repairs and downtime associated with not caring for your equipment.

construction equipment

mining industrial

Ensuring your expensive mining equipment is protected from the extreme environments it operates in is important for its efficient performance. An automatic lubrication system is a fundamental part of extending the life of gear and pinion parts, leading to reduced costs of component maintenance. With unmatched lubricant delivery accuracy, our systems increase your output and production uptime. Optional custom enclosures are available for “one-stop” installation, along with stand-alone designs that can be retrofitted with ease.It is the only intermittent spray lubrication system in the industry that monitors both lubricant and air flow to the nozzle tip, ensuring you have the right amount of lubricant at all times.

cement industrial

Sometimes within mere months of one another, cement plants are exposed to freezing cold and scorching heat. In spite of such extreme conditions, cement plants must run efficiently, effectively, safely, and smoothly. You can start by lubricating your cement equipment properly. In order to meet the demands and challenges of the cement industry, Isohitech lubrication designs develop and deliver high-performance, low-maintenance, cost-effective automatic lubrication systems. Using our cement industry lubrication systems, you’ll reduce friction and wear, protect critical components against corrosion, dissipate heat, and keep your equipment operating efficiently.

steel industrial
Steel Industrial

The key to success in today’s steel mill is high production and optimum quality. However, proper lubrication is an important part of achieving those goals, as it can greatly improve productivity and maintain quality. You can tailor a lubrication system to your exact needs with the wide range of Isohitech Lubrication products for commercial steel lubrication.

Wind energy

A wind turbine lubrication system from “Isohitech “FS” series” is designed to increase the time between turbine maintenance visits to eight to twelve months because of heights and strong winds. As a part of our wind turbine lubricating system kit, we test it as a system before shipping it.It is possible to avoid using a substitute grease that is not suitable by using prefilled grease lines and reservoirs straight from our factory. Isohitech Lubrication”FS” series has become a leader in providing automatic lubrication systems for wind turbines in the US, Canada, and Brazil.

industrial robot
Industrial Robot

How long can an industrial robot be down before the bottom line is affected? Today’s rapid production relies on robots. They work almost continuously, are often located in protected areas that are hard to reach, and require simple routine maintenance like greasing to be stopped or diverted.

chain converyors
Chain Conveyor

As a result of a reduction in chain wear, accuracy and performance are improved. Automatic lubrication systems help extend the life of chains and protect them. Using our unmatched precision lubricant delivery system prevents overlubrication, resulting in increased output and production uptime. Using our systems, only the necessary amount of lubricant is used, which reduces waste and creates an environmentally friendly application.

industrial automation
Automation Industrial

A world with an increasing number of fulfillment demands makes equipment downtime unacceptable for automation. Auto lubrication systems are fundamental to preventing unplanned downtime. Automatic lubrication prolongs the life of your equipment and protects it from over lubrication, contamination, and waste. Furthermore, the system conserves lubricant, reducing the risk of over lubrication and product contamination. Depending on your needs, we can design a turnkey system tailored to your equipment or provide a fully integrated solution that integrates with your existing controls.

custom service
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