Hand Grease Pump

Model P.N Pressure


Discharge per stroke (ml) reservoir




Grease range W.g.t
LSG-1×0.4 20601 15 1 0.4 PDI NLGI 000#~0# 1.9
20602 1 0.4 PRG
LSG-1×1 20603 1 1 PDI 2.7
20604 1 1 PRG
Note: Optional outlet threads M8 × 1and M10 × 1 are available for your choice. Please specify the outlet and reservoir at time of order.

For Example: SG-1×0.4  20601  M8×1;

General FAQ Of The LSG Hand Grease Pump

What's The Size Of The LSG Hand Pump

Here is the dimension as attached.
hand grease pump dimension

What's The Fix Distance?

Both distances is 70mm and Hole Size is 10mm
hand grease pump fix distance

What's The Kind Of Grease Could Be Used?
  • Please used the 000# /00#/ 0# Grease
  • Please add the grease from the grease nipple

grease hand pump caution

What's The Materal Of The LSG Pump

The main body part is processed by die casting and the reservoir tank is from PC.
the material of the hand grease pump

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