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Isohitech Lubrication is an expert in the central lubrication system industry for CNC tooling, mining industry and construction off-road equipment, and many industries. Our capabilities include progressive lubrication systems to ensure your future projects are successful.

  • dzgk-l grease pump that is used in the progressive system
  • progressive system with grease pump collection
  • prg system
  • prg pump
  • progressive blocks
  • dzgk-l grease pump that is used in the progressive system
  • progressive system with grease pump collection
  • prg system
  • prg pump
  • progressive blocks


Isohitech Lubrication progressive lubrication system is an expert lubrication system manufacturer in China. The Lubrication progressive lubrication systems include lubrication pumps, progressive distributors, and other pipe and grease nipples.

We work with numerous types of kinds of lubrication systems, such as single-line systems,dual-line systems, and prd systems. Most lubrication system are crucial in transportation, construction, agriculture, consumer goods manufacturing, and mining.

Isohitech Lubrication progressive lubrication system has many advantages for your industrial, such as reducing the wear of your machinery, saving the maintenance cost, and increasing the reliable of the machinery. We are using high-tech manufacturing equipment to produce the progressive distributor and use experience technical to produce progressive lubrication systems according to your specifications.

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The Isohitech progressive lubrication system consists of DZG serious grease pump and progressive distributors. The pumps deliver the oil up to NGIL #2 to the Lub Point. It also includes high-pressure tubes and grease fittings. You also can choose the control timer available based on usage.


  • It can work with high-viscosity grease.
  • Suitable and precise discharge controller
  • Work in the extreme environment
  • Easy check the system from the gauge or the monitor
  • Multiply discharge can be chosen for the different lube point
  • A high-pressure system can work
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The lubrication pumps deliver the lubricant into the progressive systems. It can work with high-viscosity grease. Isohitech can provide the manual type and electrical driven type

electrical grease pump

Type: DZGK
Voltage: Dc12V,Dc24V or Ac220V;
Outlets:1-3 outlets
Working Pressure:25Mpa

AC380V and 2kg auto grease pump

Type: DZG
Voltage: Ac220V Or Ac380V
Outlets:1-5 outlets
Working Pressure:25Mpa

aluminum.electrical grease pump

Voltage: Dc24V or Ac220V;
Outlets:1-3 outlets
Working Pressure:25Mpa
Reservoir: Metal;1kg-10kg

low level sensor grease pump

Type: DZGK
Voltage: DC24V,Dc24V or Ac220V;
Outlets:1-5 outlets
Working Pressure:25Mpa
Reservoir: Metal;1kg-10kg

hand grease pump

Type: P2
Reservoir:0.4kg and 0.8kg
Working Pressure:16Mpa
Lubrication system:PRG system and Sinlge system

DBN-J20 lubrication pump

Lubricant:NIGL #000-#1

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Progressive Distributors And Grease Dividers

The progressive distributors sometimes called distributors blocks, it was used to deliver the lubrication to the lube points, You can choose the different discharge in one block.

Control Unit And Accessories

The control unit is used to control the lubricator and monitor the level switch or the pressure gauge to signal the operator to the situation of the system. And the right accessories adaptor, high-pressure pipes, or brush and etc. could help you complete the system

money raise
Increase Efficiency

Progressive Lubrication Systems comes with various industrial equipment that makes them more efficient. Progressive lubrication system could make your machinery more efficiency.

reduce wear
Reduce Wear

Progressive Lubrication Systems are easy to work with. They are easy to change and maintain. Isohitech Lubrication has an advanced manufacturing facility to perform well products.

save money
Save Money

Progressive Lubrication Systems are great for sanitary conditions because they are designed for harsh environments. It is widely utilized in off-road equipment and the windy energy industry.

Worker Protection

Progressive Lubrication Systems are in harsh conditions. The operator don’t need to add the grease to the far touched placed.It will make the operator much safer than before.

Progressive Lubrication Systems Advantage

With the development of the industry, the central lubrication system has been divided into different types of lubrication systems.In heavy-duty industrial, the progressive system is widely used and win many advantages below:
1. Increase machinery life
A very thin firm could have existed between the moving parts to avoid the hard touch between them. It can obviously protect the touched components.
2. Add the appropriate Lubricants
The system could add the grease very less in much frequency time.It could safe the enviorment.

sl1 injector
ssv distributor

Progressive Lubrication Systems Application

3. Maintenance will be much cheaper than without them.
During the progressive distributor working well situation, you will find the component’s life is much double or triple than before. You don’t need to change the spare parts. The technical only one-time check per shift, instead of lube with grease gun by manual.
4. Reduce the equipment downtime
The progressive distributor could add the grease at setting the working time and idle time. The system dramatically increase your labor.

Choose Isohitech Lubrication to Progressive Lubrication Systems

Professional team for 20 years
Our engineer design

Isohitech lubrication ltd is an expert in supplying progressive distributors from China. We produce various progressive distributors using our high-end manufacturing facility. They are produced in compliance with ISO9001 standards.

Our designers and engineers with great experience in progressive distributors can help you design your custom lubrication system. We utilize precious CNC machinery and horning machinery to process our progressive blocks.

Skyrocket your business with Isohitech Lubrication! For any inquiries, we can answer your concerns supported by our 24/7 online assistance. Message us now!

Why Choose Us As Your Progressive Distributor System Supplier?

cnc machinery

Isohitech has some good technical who has much experience in the lubrication field and know the custom of how to use these pumps and distributors.
With 20 years of development, the isohitech has its own machining workshop, we have 4 types of CNC centers and 2 types of honing machinery.
We also provide the OEM and ODM serivice for well-know brand.


ISO 9001 certification is very beneficial for a lubrication manufacturer, the production process is complex. Isohitech is the earliest in China to apply for the Iso9001 certification. We strickly follow the standards to produce and assemble the products.We could trace back to the quality of the machining parts when we got the quality issues.Isohitech follow the engineer thought to produce our own product.

Progressive Lubrication Systems Applications


Heavy-duty equipment is always expensive with high investment. So the host thinks the equipment could 24 hours work. So the equipment with an automatic system could grease the club point and protection the wear from harsh environment.The operation could focus on the operation.


The PULP and Paper industries always face harsh environments, such as heat, and dirt. The production line can’t stop. Many times, the operator will witness the lubrication system with a monitor. Proper lubrication could cool your bearings, in order to reduce the risk of burning. The isohitech Lubrication system could provide the monitor to over your machinery work time.


The windmill is always built in tall mountains or in the seas. so it has the extra requirement on the maintance. Some data shows the grease lubrication system could increase the maintenance frequency much better than before. Based on this goal, Isohitech lubrication has built a strickly test table to ensure 200% reliable to ensure the expensive windmilling work well.Our control timer could work with 4G or 5G system to send the alarm signal to the host.

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More Information About Isohitech Lubrication For The Progressive Lubrication Systems

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  • “Isohitehc Lubrication is excellent to work with.The discharge and work situation is very good.We highly recommend Isohitech Lubrication.”

  • “Isohitech Lubrication really helps us in the progressive distribution systems. Their engineer is friendly and have rich experience to be able to meet our need.”



Isohitech doesn’t only provide the lubrication parts, we will also provide the lubrication service for our customers. We could share our 20 years of experience in the lubrication system and engineering thought in the industrial,we could help our new customer to find new businesses in China, explore the opportunity to custom your business.

Mechanical Maintenance Services

Mounting the auto lubrication for your new equipment from the beginning to the end of life.To optimized the machinery working situation.

Pump Rebuilder And Spare Parts

Most time, the pump can work only to replace some spare parts, Isohitech lubrication has many sources with many famous brands in the world, so if you need some parts, you could send us an email.

Supplier Chain Source

Isohitech lubrication have many friendship in every industry,so isohitech could provide the right information for the wanted customers.

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