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Isohitech has 20 years of experience in grease pump assembly, especially at the pump element manufacturer. We usually choose Carbon-Steel as the valve body and use a nitrogen plate above the holes. We machine the holes with honing twice, with rough and thin sand to finish the hole.
If you’re looking for pump elements for your lubrication and grease systems, we’ve got you covered. Our selection of pump elements includes options from top brands like Alemite, Lincoln, and Graco. You can pick from air-operated and electric models, as well as a range of sizes and styles. With our high-quality materials and reliable performance, our pump elements are the perfect addition to your lubrication equipment. Order now and get fast shipping and competitive prices!

  • M22x1.5 and M20x1.5
  • Working Pressure:40Mpa
  • 6mm-7mm-8mm Piston
  • Safe valve equipped
  • Pressure gauge as option
  • High Quality Viton Oring Inside
grease pump

DZGK Pump Element Same As LincolnPump Element(M22x1.5)

Isohitech lubrication provide the M22 and M20 pump element and the piston could choose 6mm 7mm and 8mm.
The Isohitech and Lincoln pump element is designed to work in harmony with its grease pump, providing a replacement and maintenance solution. Picture this: an electric motor drives the eccentric, causing the piston in the element chamber to move. This motion can be separated into two stages: firstly, lubricant is sucked from the grease reservoir as the piston moves leftwards; then, it is dispensed through the chamber and into each lubrication point via dedicated distributors.

SKF And BekaMax Pump element (M20x1.5)

SKF’s and Beka pump element is an ideal replacement for SKF lubrication grease pumps, as well as for servicing and maintenance. It offers various flow rates, and comes available in two types – one with spring-piston return, and the other without a spring but with a positive piston drive. The model with a spring is commonly employed in many situations, while the one without offers superior performance in extreme conditions such as extremely low temperatures (-30°C) or high viscosity lubricants.

skf/Lincoln Grease pump
What is a pump element?

A pump element, in the context of fluid mechanics, refers to a specific component or part of a pump that is responsible for generating pressure and moving fluids from one place to another. It is typically a rotating or reciprocating mechanism that creates a mechanical force to increase the energy level of the fluid, thus enabling its transportation.

Pump elements can take various forms depending on the type of pump and its intended application. Some common examples include impellers, pistons, vanes, and diaphragms. These elements are designed in such a way that as they move, they create a pressure difference within the pump, allowing the fluid to be drawn in and then expelled with greater force.

Impeller-based pump elements, for instance, consist of a rotating blade-like structure that imparts kinetic energy to the incoming fluid, increasing its velocity and pressure. Alternatively, piston or diaphragm pump elements use the reciprocating motion of a piston or diaphragm to trap and compress the fluid, effectively pushing it through the pump.

The pump element plays a crucial role in the overall performance and efficiency of a pump, as its design directly affects factors such as flow rate, pressure generation, and energy consumption

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