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SK-505 Grease pump

SK-505 Grease pump

Model SK-505
Outlet 1 outlet
Discharge 13cc/min
Reservoir 1L
Driven Electrical
Weight 1.9kg
Voltage DC24V
Power 25W
Level Switch Option
Working pressure 8Mpa

The SK-505 lubricator features a piston discharge pump that is powered by a small direct current (DC) electric motor and could reach 8Mpa

We chose the material made from Polycarbonate.
the material of sk505 grease pump reservoir

bottom view of the sk505

Details Of The Bottom Of Sk505 Pump

Aluminum Die-Casting Body

DC24V Motor

Good Quality Motor

motor details of the sk505
1l reservoir of sk505

1L Reservoir Tank

Good Quality Material of The Tank

Here is the general information of the Sk505 grease pump.

What's size of the reservoir could be choice

We have two size and 0.4kg and 1kg.

What's the Lubricant range?

The Grease Lubricant from NLGI#0 to #000

What's the power of the grease pump?

DC24V and DC12V two option

What's the size of the outlet?

Pt1/8 or for 4mm hose or for 6mm hose

What's the discharge?

The pump could reach 6ml/min.

What's the maximum working time?

Max. 5Min and normal pressure.

What's the size of grease Nipple?

We chose ZERK for most grease guns.

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