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FS Grease Pump
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FS Grease Pump

Voltage AC220V/DC24V
Reservoir 4L-6L-8L-10L
Discharge 2.5/3.5/5ml/min
Pressure Max up to 25Mpa
Lubricant NLGI #000-#2
Level Switch Option

Series progressive systems can be used with FS series grease pumps, which is powered by electrical motors. The lubricators can be fitted with up to three piston elements in order to deliver grease to progressive divider valves in series. Featuring a programmable controller with a low-level switch, and different reservoir capacities,Isohitech Lubrication are available at 12 or 24 volts.

It is ideal for off-road and on-road mobile machinery such as loaders, excavators, articulated trucks, graders, etc. These lubricators are designed for construction, mining, and forestry conditions.

  • The large reservoir could be chosen and equipped with the level switch and monitors
  • Inside timers could work with the device such as refill pumps and progressive blocks
  • High Level protection class

General FAQ And Main Parameter

What's The Working Voltage?

The most power is DC24V,in the construction equipment field,the battery is only for DC12V,so we have two option.

What's The Standards Of The Connection?

Power Connection
DIN 43650 connection,3 Poles.fs power connection



Low-Level Switch Connection
Quick-plug; M12 thread;4 Poles.fs level switch conection

How To Order The FS Pump?

You could mark the voltage, the reservoir tank, and marked the low-level switch alarm or not. Isohitech has a good engineer and could provide any signal(0~5V or 4~20ma)for any requirement.

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