Lubrication Oil Pump

Trust in the expertise of Isohitech to provide you with Good Price lubrication systems from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers. Our skilled technicians will equip your system with pumps that are sure to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations. With our commitment to quality products and exceptional service, you can confidently rely on us for all your lubrication needs.

l5 hand oil pump
Reservoir 0.5L/1L
Discharge 5ml/stroke
Pressure 0.4Mpa
y6.3 hand oil pump
Reservoir 0.6L
Discharge 6ml/stroke
Pressure 2Mpa
electromagnetic oil lubrication pump
Reservoir 0.5L/1L/2L
Discharge 50ml/min
Pressure 1Mpa
2L oil lubrication pump
Reservoir 2L
Discharge 108ml/min
Pressure 2Mpa
Automatic control Yes
3l oil lubrication pump
Reservoir 3L
Discharge 108ml/min
Pressure 2Mpa
Automatic control Yes
4l oil lubrication pump
Reservoir 4L
Discharge 108ml/min
Pressure 2Mpa
Automatic control Yes
6L oil lubrication pump
Reservoir 6L
Discharge 210ml/min
Pressure 4Mpa
Automatic control Yes
Trochoid motorized oil pump
Speed range 500-2000r/m
Discharge 1/2/3/4ml/r
Pressure 0.4Mpa
Voltage 380v/440v
oil mist pump
Air 4-10Bar
Viscosity 1-460mm/s
Temperature 50 Degree
Voltage 220V/50Hz

General FAQ For the Lube oil Pump

What does a lube oil pump do?

A lubrication oil pump is used to deliver the lubricant, oil, and grease, to the bearings, pins, or any moving parts. A lubrication pump could be separated by a hand lubrication pump and an electrical driven lubrication pump and reservoir could be from 1l to 60l, for the circulation system.

What Will Happen If Lube Oil Pump Fails?

There have many reasons cause the oil pump can’t work, the main problem is the oil is lack of oil or the gear pump can’t work.

How often should we add the oil to the lubrication system

We have a manual and electrical driven pumps,for the manual lubrication oil pump, you will add when you see the oil below.Regarding the electrical lubrication oil pump,we will add the level switch to send a signal to the controller,the controller will alarm you.

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