1kg Automatic oil lubrication pump


Model P.N. Discharge   per stroke Controller Pressure Viscosity Voltage Power Reservoir Wgt
DZ-0.5×1 20301 0.5ml None 1.4Mpa 20~320 220VAC 14W 1L 2.5kg
DZ-0.5×1K 20302 BMTC 2.5kg
DZ-0.5×2 20303 0.5ml None 2.5Mpa 20~320 2L 3kg
DZ-0.5×2K 20304 BMTC 3kg

Note:  Optional outlet threads M8 × 1, M10 × 1, M12 ×1 and NPT1/8 are available for your choice.Please specify the outlet and reservoir and voltage at time of orde.
Our raw material of the reservoir is plastic and if you need the metal reservoir,please specify it.
Package:(1L)420mm×310mm×290mm/4 Pcs—–carton
        (2L)530mm×270mm×350mm/3 Pcs—–carton

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 30 cm
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