Air Grease Pump


Air grease pump is driven by the air and could place inside the grease barrel directly.

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It is driven by compressed air, the grease is delivered by high pressure.It can realize the filling grease mechanization, raise the production efficiency and reduce labor intensity,convenient in operation, safe and reliable.
It is used in filling grease and oil for automobile,tractor and other power machine.

Type Code Pressure ratio Input pressure compressed air Discharge Grease viscosity Pipe length Weight Note Note
MPa MPa L/min
QZ 50:1 25~35 0.5~0.7 0~0.8 000#~2##~ 5m 20kg Only pump
QZ-1 20792 50:1 25~35 0.5~0.7 0~0.8 000#~2##~ 5m 50kg assembled


Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
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