CSK Electrical Bijur Grease Pump


CSK Electrical Bijur Grease Pump

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The CSk electric grease lubrication pump is a compact pump driven by a DC power source and equipped with a programmable controller, suitable for single-line resistance systems (SLR) or progressive systems (PRG). This pump offers 1 to 3 grease outlets for selection. In the SLR system, each outlet can proportionally distribute the lubricant to each lubrication point through a control unit; in the PRG system, each outlet can form an independent lubrication system with a distributor, under the control of the programmable controller, to timely and quantitatively distribute lubricating oil to each lubrication point. Each outlet is equipped with an overpressure safety protection device, and the pump’s motor protection shell is dustproof and waterproof.

This pump can be widely applied in machinery facilities across engineering, transportation, machine tools, textiles, light industry, forging, wind power, and other sectors.

Bijur P.N.

P.N. Power Voltage
Pressure (Mpa) Discharge
Outlet Reservoir
Level Switch Lubricant
CS160 12VDC 50 25 5.5 1~3 2(Plastic) None 000#~2#
* *
CS260 24VDC 2(Plastic) None
* *
CS360 220VAC 60 3 2(Plastic) None
* *
CS460 380VAC 2(Plastic) None
* *
CS560 110VAC 2(Plastic) None
* *


Reservoir:2L,4L,6L,8L,(AC type)/2L,4L(DC type)
Lubricant:NIGL 000#~2#
Outlet:1~5 outlets
Thread:Npt 1/4;

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 50 cm

50534, 50007

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