DZGK-P Electrical Grease Pump


DZGK-P Electrical Grease Pump

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Our DZGK-P Grease Pump is a versatile, compact, and economical lubrication pump that is designed to supply up to 200 lubrication points. It can develop high operating pressures, allowing it to supply NLGI #2 grease in most ambient temperatures. The pump is electrically operated and can be used in progressive-type automated lubrication systems. It is often used in centralized lubrication systems for various industrial applications.

p203 grease pump sketch

Power voltage 12V/24VDC,AC220V
Motor Power 50W
Max. pressure 25MPa(250Bar)
Single outlet discharge 10ml/min;7.5ml/min;5.5ml/min;2.5ml/min
Number of outlet 1~4
Reservoir 4kG & 8kG (plastics)
Grease range NLGI 000#~#2
Protection IP65
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 cm

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